August 9, 2017

Meet Jane...

Babylock Jane Semi-Industrial Sewing Machine

My machine family is finally complete. Destiny, Jenny, my Imagine Wave serger (yet unnamed) and Kenny have a new sister. Her name is Jane.

Babylock Jane Semi-Industrial Sewing Machine

Jane is a semi-industrial, straight stitch only machine. She's not a computerized machine, and only sews forward and back. There's a reverse button, thread cutter and stitch length button. She also has variable height settings for the feed dogs to accommodate various fabric thicknesses.

Babylock Jane Semi-Industrial Sewing Machine

You'll notice the gap between Jane and my Sew Eze table. I ordered a new plexiglass insert, customized to Jane's footprint, and I've also ordered adjustment "shims" so that I can easily switch between Jane and Jenny. (She's sitting on an empty cardboard bolt here, so I could use her right away.) They'll be here tomorrow, and then she'll be complete.

Babylock Jane Semi-Industrial Sewing Machine
I used Jane to make my recent backpack project, and truthfully, I couldn't have done it without her. Destiny is high powered and heavy duty, but I don't want to abuse her computer or mechanical abilities by asking her to do jobs like that. I have many other plans for her. Jane and Kenny are my heavy lifters, and Jane has a larger sewing area than Kenny, so there are definite advantages to having her in my family.
Another talent she has, is that she can also do quilting for me! She came with multiple presser feet, including two free motion feet. She's going to get her inaugural quilting workout later today. 
Now that I have the semi-industrial Jane, our family is complete. I'll be working on the optimum studio arrangement to accommodate her. I won't can't take long. I have lots to do.

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Danice said...

What a great assortment of sewing machines. Great names also. Your sewing area is awesome as well :)

Createology said...

With your amazing sewing skills your tools are now complete...maybe. Jane looks like a great new machine and has already earned her keep with that uber cute Foxy backpack. Sew On Sweet Donna! <3

Jacque. said...

Hey Donna...that's what the Big Bad Boy is...a workhorse...straight stitch only. He sews like a dream...can go through things that Naomi balks at. Noisy boy, though. xo

Jacque. said...

Just so ya know...I have a Janome serger whose name is Suzy Serger. I had a Babylock (sister Jill has her now) whose name is Francis...'nobody puts BABY(lock) in the corner'. ~grin~

PS I wrote this yesterday and never hit publish. oops!


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