October 5, 2014

You Say "Crazy" Like It's A Bad Thing...

This is what started it all...these wonderful, deep, hold-a-lot cabinets. They held too 
much. Then, my friends, Kathy and Nora closed Sandy's Quilt Shop, so I purchased 
a number of them to reorganize the studio. After much deliberation, we decided it
would be easier and simpler to flip the studio and guest room, so the moving began.

 I thought this was the best solution for the studio and the guest room, 
but I was wrong. Yes. I'll repeat that. 
I. Was. So. Very. Wrong.

It wasn't until everything was situated that I realized there were some major issues.
1) I had moved from the brightest room in the house to the darkest. (ugh)
Actually, Handsome was the one who first noticed this.
2) I had moved the guest room to a part of the house with no full bath. (yup)
Neither one of us thought of this when the moved was discussed.
3) The noisy air conditioner unit was replaced with a new, nearly-silent one.
Not the original plan, but the old one was on its last leg and due to fail.
4) This set-up wasn't going to work for me or for our future guests.
We have friends coming from the East coast very soon and they need to be comfy.
I'm one of those people who freely admits to a mistake when I make one, and 
we realized this was a doozy. I promised that I wouldn't ask for a hard floor if
I went back to the old space, and so we decided to take a deep breath and get
after the project. I've been working on it since Monday, but not all day every day.
I even have a few funny stories that go along with all this chaos I'll share later.
I have a little bit left to do before we can reset the guest bedroom furniture, but
I'm nearly finished. I'll take daylight photographs of everything when I have it
all situated, but I wanted you to know just what I've been up to this past week.
 I feel more productive already. I even had a chance to sew a little yesterday!
People who know me too really well already use the word "crazy" to describe
me.I prefer "creative" and "a bit eccentric". So now the cat's out of the bag and
you know it, too.  Sometimes you just have to admit a mistake and correct it.
Anyway...that's what I did.

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Jacque. said...

A mistake in your judgement isn't really being wrong, is it? haha...glad you got it all figured out, now. But, ohboy, I am happy it is you and not me. Happy Sewing!

Lesley UK said...

Oh Donna, you are one brave lady! Just the thought of it gives me a fit of the vapours :)

Gloria M said...

Can't even imagine having to go through that again. Bless your heart. I do know that you are just like the rest of us, Light, Light, Light, I wondered about that when I saw those beautiful windows disappear from your original space. Gotta have those windows...

Createology said...

I believe a "bit eccentric" and "creative" go together. Bless you for admitting your mistake and Handsome for not "killing" you. May you be back in the light and ever so creative very soon once again.

Shirley said...

Donna, You have to love your other half for not telling you I told you so. It was good to admit you were wrong even though we don't like doing it at times. I have been catching up with friends before I head to the nursing home. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Jackie said...

These things happen! Looking forward to seeing your new space!

carolg said...

Nice to meet you Moved-the-Studio-to-the-Guest-Room. My name is Put-the-Sewing-Room-in-the-Dining-Room. (And install all the Ikea shelving with 1000 anchors. In the highest traffic, most visible, room of the house.)

Minimiss said...

Rather you than me, my friend, having re-move everything. Your DH really is a keeper.


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