October 17, 2014


Florida's "hot, humid and sticky" weather seems to have finally broken! The 
past couple of days have been drier and breezy. The temperature has been in 
the low 80s during the day, and in the blissfully comfortable 70s at night. 

FINALLY, my kind of weather! The doors and windows are open wide.
I can hear the soothing sounds of the pool waterfall from every room in
our home. Even the birds are more vocal when the weather is cooler.

I'm hoping that this weather hangs around until April or May. This
is why we moved to Florida...and this is why our much-appreciated
"snowbirds" migrate from the north every winter. Family will be here
in a week, and I'm hoping the weather is just like this when they arrive.

Have a great weekend. 
We're looking forward to spending more time outdoors.

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  1. Lovely weather really picks up our energy levels. To hear your waterfall and birds singing must be bliss. Our weather is down right cool...high of 60F. I was frozen while trying to grocery shop. More clothing layers for me. Soothing Saturday Dear...


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