October 14, 2014

Embracing The Season...

I made this Patchwork Pumpkins Table Runner (from Shabby Fabrics) last year,
and I couldn't wait to put it back on our table this season. I love it that much!
Last week, my friend Beula (from the Paneras group) gifted me with some of her
wonderful treasures. She loved the little "Memories of Wisconsin" wool book I made
and decided that I should have some of her trinkets to use in future wool books.

 Beula is in her 90's and a vital, creative woman in her own right, so you can
imagine my surprise and delight that she should choose me to receive some of her
treasures. I was speechless to find that she also had given me two Russian amber 
and silver bracelets, a matching amber necklace, six little worry dolls from  
Guatemala, an agatized coral pendant, and even a genuine Indian arrowhead!
(You'll definitely see some of these items again when I make my next wool book.)

I wanted to give her something to show my appreciation, so I made another fall
pumpkin mug mat just for her. Then, I added a trio of acorn candles and a few
other little items selected with her in mind. I gave them to her at Paneras last night.
When I got home, I found that I'd received an envelope in the mail from my
friend, Jacque of The Doodles of My Mind blog. Remember, Jacque's pup
is a sweet, old chocolate Labrador named Tag E. Butt. We love him a lot!

I opened the envelope to find special selvages for my Selvage Quilt project. I
was so excited to see them! First, Deb Strain is one of my fave fabric designers.
And, look at the color registers on the edge...ACORNS!!!
Thank you, Jacque! You knew I would love them and you were so right.
I think I'll have to do one set of blocks that will be devoted solely to acorns,
with your selvages as the focal point. I know I'll have to leave more than the
skinny 1/4" extra pattern, too. I may leave them as wide as you've cut them!
Goodness, Fall is my favorite time of year (north or south), and these are a
few of the things that helped me get in the spirit yesterday. I'm blessed, indeed.

What are you doing to enjoy Autumn? 
How are you decorating? What are you making?
I'd love to know!

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Gloria M said...

Well in answer to all your questions, I have decorated inside and out with lots of fall goodies. I love them. We take drives to look at the beautiful colors, especially the sassafras, shumate, maple and sweet gum. Their colors are so beautiful right now. And, for the rest of what am I doing for fall, you will see in a day or two.

Jacque. said...

I really love the colors of this season, yet I cannot fully embrace it because of what comes next. Winter in Wisconsin is not pleasant. For me, anyway. Someday I will move to a different climate. Yup, knew you would love the selvages...how could I not send them on? Have a great week!

Createology said...

Very thoughtful and loving gifts you have received. Love your pumpkin table runner. Fall is happening here and I am embracing it like never before. Today we have wonderful wet glorious rain!!! Falling into Autumn Bliss...

Sharon Chapman said...

I love your festive table runner.


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