October 8, 2014

A Little Work, A Little Play...

Now that I'm settled back in the studio, I couldn't resist making a few new 
selvage blocks. I have so many scraps to play with, and it's really fun to do.
Each of the blocks is loosely trimmed to 8-1/2", and I'll final trim them when
it's time to actually sew them together. I've only laid them out to give you an idea
 of what they might look like when it's finally time to assemble them into a quilt.
I'm always tickled to see how lovely they look this way. I'm so glad that I 
decided to leave a 1/4" glimpse of the actual fabric pattern showing on each
one. I was concerned that they might not "go together", but I find that they do. 
Something I especially like is that all of these selvages are only from my own
projects. I didn't get scraps from anyone else. Each one represents something
I made myself...quilts, Grammies Jammies, handbags, organizers, etc...all from 
my own studio. I'll love adding new ones to the box for future blocks, too!
By the end of my sewing session yesterday, I found that I've already assembled
thirty separate blocks. I'll need at least 90 of them before I'll consider making a
(queen-size) quilt with them. There's no rush. It's time to work on new projects
 so I can generate more of these yummy selvages. I need to have new choices.
I enjoyed taking a break from the "work" part to play. I'm planning to do that
today, but I'll be working on something new. I'll be back with a peek tomorrow.

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Createology said...

Learning to sew while growing up we never cut off the selvages. We merely used them as the perfect seam that wouldn't ravel. I love your blocks and the stories they tell. Blissfully Sewing in Your LIGHT-filled studio...I already sense your happiness in your post.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea, but it would take me another lifetime to accumulate enough selvages. But then every quilt begins with the first clip.

Debbie Nolan said...

Donna - what a great idea. This will certainly make a gorgeous quilt. Also visited your beautiful studio. It is wonderful. I can see you will be spending lots of time either working or "playing". Have a great day.

Jennifer M. said...

This is such a clever idea. I automatically throw the selvages away thinking they can't be used for anything. You are so creative. :)


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