October 26, 2014

They've Arrived...

Photo taken May 2012 in Wisconsin. New photos to follow!
 I told you we'd have family visiting very soon. Well, yesterday my Aunty 
Margaret and Uncle Dick pulled in the drive for a week-long visit with us!
They'll attend Handsome's first concert of the year this week, and Aunty 
Marg is going to Panera's with me tomorrow night to meet some of my 
girlfriends. I just know they'll love her - and her lovely British accent!
I have some projects that I'll be working on while they're here...you know I
will...and of course, there shall be pictures. We'll have plenty to do together,
but my fingers will be itchy if I don't work in the studio once in a while.

For now, we're enjoying this now-perfect Florida weather - and each other.
It's always great to have family come to visit. We'll savor every second.


  1. Welcome. I hope they have a wonderful visit.


  2. Wonderful. Hoping you all have a really fun time :)

  3. By the smiles on their faces I just know you will have such a wonderful family visit. Spending quality time together and making memories is priceless my friend...

  4. Enjoy! So much fun to have company!

  5. Have a wonderful visit and lots of cuppa! :)


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