October 20, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - This Guy Doesn't Say Much...

Hi, Everybody!

Remember when Mom was movin' all that stuff from one room to another? Well,
 this guy showed up during all that chaos and mess. I walked into the dinin' room
 and there he was...sittin' there as comfy as you please with his tongue hangin' out!
I walked over to introduce myself and I have to admit, the guy seemed kinda stiff.
You know what I mean...a little standoff-ish. He didn't smell quite right either.
I asked him if he was from around these parts. Nothin'.
"Hey, Mom! Where the heck did this stick-in-the-mud come from?"
"That's Spuds, Tag. He's our nightlight in the guest bedroom."
"Doesn't say much, does he?"
"Nope. He's meant to light the dark, not carry on a conversation, buddy."
Huh? Is Mom kiddin' me? I'm thinkin' he'd be a whole lot more fun for me
 if he could actually do somethin'. He seems a little borin' and it's just wrong
that he doesn't say nothin'. I'm tellin' ya. I've got a LOT to say about this guy! 

Well, I've been workin' on a new trick, so next week be sure to come back to
see what I'm doin' now. We'll have a little video for you. My producer just
called, so I'd better run. We start filming in a few! See you next week. 
'til then...
"Bark Like Ya Mean It!"

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Jacque. said...

That is funny...poor Tag just wants to play with Spuds!

Buttons said...

Oh Tag, you always brighten my day! And it's a pretty cold and soggy one here up North. ��

Anonymous said...

Tag, don't worry Spuds is older than dirt and he's not a threat to your domain...he just sits around to remind us humans of out=r younger and wilder days. But Tag you keep us young just following your antics. Have a great day!

Createology said...

Tag I can see your sincere disappointment in Spuds not being a conversationalist or playmate. However on the flip-side...he doesn't eat your treats! Don't keep your producer waiting...good gigs are hard to get. Smooches and Lots More Tail Waggin...

TerriSue said...

Dear Tag,
He doesn't seem much good does he? I will be waiting with baited breath until next Tuesday. Another trick, you are so smart.

carolg said...

Tag! I would talk to you! We could barooo all day long! I have dog class AGAIN tonight. Mom says "No running away from Grandpa and giving him a heart attack!" XXOO from your BGF Quinn


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