October 1, 2014

Look What I Won...

One of my favorite blogs to follow these days is Nancy's Daily Dish.

I love transferware and have two full (different) sets that I use all the time. 
This set  (Memory Lane with acorns and oak leaves) for everyday, and my 
blue and white Spode wedding set for Sunday dinners and special occasions.

Nancy's Daily Dish gives me that regular "fix" of beautiful dishes and I learn
more about transferware from her knowledge and ever-changing collections. (She
 also has a SHOP selling gorgeous pieces, sorted by color! Purple is stunning, btw.)
I happened to read her post about her current favorite treat in this post, and saw
 that she was offering an assortment of Almondina™ biscuits to her readers. 

It took me a while to get to the "giveaway" part because I spent a lot of little
time exploring the photos from a past Home Beautiful photo shoot she featured.
 All that blue and white, along with beautiful decor, sidetracked me again!

I got all the way down to the bottom of her post to find that I would be the first
commenter.  I know. Who ever wins if they have #1? In all the time I've been
blogging and offering giveaways, I think the Random Generator has only picked
 the #1 name once or twice. I left a comment anyway and hoped for the best.
  Well, I saw on Nancy's Facebook page that "Brynwood Needleworks" was picked!
I hurried over to her blog to confirm that I'd really won. (here) and then I sent 
her an email. I was tickled to try her treats and babbled away on her FB page.
(BTW-If anyone knows where I can find a pilgrim plate like the first one in
Nancy's post, please let me know! It would fit right in with my Spode set!)
I soon received an email from Frank Gelman at Almondina™ and my favorite
UPS driver delivered my package late last week. I brought them inside, made
a cup of tea and snapped a few photos so I could write this post for you.
Then, I sat down and enjoyed my first taste of my Original recipe Almondina
biscuits. They are biscotti, but guilt-free. They are tasty, thin biscuits loaded with
 texture and flavor, and they're perfect for an afternoon tea break at Brynwood.
In case you're interested in tasting Almondina biscuits for yourself, here's a link
to their website. (I'm actually hoping that Frank reads this and sends me an email
offering an assortment for my own giveaway for my Brynwood friends! I'm 
actually raving about these delicious biscuits with no prompting or compensation!)
Thank you again, Nancy! 
Thank you for your lovely, inspirational blog and for your delicious giveaway.
Take a minute or two to visit Nancy's blog (the bold-faced, italicized type
words in my post are links.) Just know that you might get hooked like I did!


  1. Good morning, now that just warms my heart! What fun, I bet they are scrumptious. Yes, we all need some of those yummies. I'm chuckling because last weekend I found several and I mean many memory lane tea cups. No saucers. I almost grabbed them for you. Then I thought " what on earth would Donna do with all those"?

  2. Good Morning Donna, what a sweet surprise. I can't imagine anyone enjoying your treat more than you, right down your alley with that tea. Enjoy your day and have a treat for me today.

  3. Should not have read this before breakfast...looks yummy!

  4. How lovely Nancy's blog is with her dishes and style. I think it is wonderful that you won those biscuits and are enjoying them with a spot of tea. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  5. Hi Donna,

    I don't think anyone else would have appreciated those, or enjoyed them, as much as you. I'm so happy you won. Have you tried the chocolate cherry yet? They are so good. I like them all because they are just a little treat and not too sweet (even though I love sweets too!). Your pictures are lovely…everything looks good on transferware, in my opinion!

    Thank you for the shout out and sweet compliments.

    Enjoy your Almondina,



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