October 15, 2014

Lori's Quilting Tutorial...

  What do I do when plans change and I don't get to play in the studio?
Well, that's easy...
I go online at random moments and read about things I can do next 
time I get a chance to play in the studio (or fold and play with fabric)!

This is a tutorial that was pointed out to me by my friend, Jacque
at The Doodles of My Mind. She knew I was going to love this one!

If you'd like to check out Lori Kennedy's fabulous Oak Leaf and Acorn tute,
The link will take you to her blog, The Inbox Jaunt for her photo-filled lesson.

I'm going to be adding her site to my blog reading list!
Thanks, Jacque!!! 
(Smooches to your Tag E. Butt, too.)

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carolg said...

Lori is unaware, but she is my best friend at the moment.

Gloria M said...

I love that last comment. Lol. Lori is such an artist designing all of these designs, much less sharing them with us. Free Motion Quilting is my most favorite thing to do. I have been doing it about two years. I improve every time I sit down at the machine. Thank you Donna for sharing this with us

Createology said...

Ahh the joys of "surfing" without the waves. This is just right for you and your acorn theme. Blissful Stitching Dear...


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