October 30, 2014

Now, That Was Fun...

We went to Sarasota yesterday and toured Mote Marine. Uncle Dick really 
wanted to see the manatees and other marine life on exhibit. We didn't miss a bit.
After we had seen every exhibit, I asked what his favorite thing was. He said,
"The manatees.". They seemed to like him quite a bit, too. They were like puppies.
So many colorful (and, in the case of this lionfish, dangerous) things to see.
This spiny lobster was huge!
But when I reviewed all the pictures I took yesterday, I realized that one of my
favorites was this one of a tank loaded with jellyfish. Is it just me, or do they 
look like buttons to you, too? Yes. I thought so. Big, clear, beautiful buttons.

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  1. Luminescent Buttons Beautifully Creative. How fun to enjoy the day and spend it together. Family Blessings...


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