October 16, 2014

She's Gone...

No more riding my own Harley. Daisy Deuce went to a new home yesterday.
We had a great ten years, but it was time for her to go where she'd be ridden
more often than she was with me. No more Teddy Bear Runs, no more ice cream
rides, no more trips to Hog Valley (there really is a place called Hog Valley in FL!).
At least not with me.

I have to admit I shed a tear when she left. I don't know why I thought she'd
be rolled onto a trailer and towed away. She's better than that. Her new owner
gave her the once over, handed me a tidy sum, and then threw a leg over her seat.

She started right up for him and before I could pat her on the fender, she was on
her way down the driveway. I didn't know I'd be so emotional when the time came.
  Have a good life, Daisy. We shared some great times and I really will miss you.
Remember...keep the rubber side down and ride like the wind.

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Danice said...

How cool. I did not know that you rode a Harley. Hoping the parting with her isn't too painful :)

Createology said...

Very Bitter-Sweet. Thankfully you had a wonderful ten years making Harley memories. And...thankfully she will be rubber to the road and flying low in the wind once again. Harley Hugs Dear...

Stitching Noni said...

Oh, you made me cry too!!!
Is this one of those moments when people say something like "we all have to grow up sometime!!" - hope not - coz I don't think we should have to grow up... but our lives do change as we move up the scale of years! You have some great memories of the happy years of riding your Daisy and she will now make some great memories with her new owner :o)
hugs xx


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