October 13, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Walkies...

Hi, Everybody!
I'm glad you made it in time. We're just headin' out for walkies!
(Yup. This is our driveway, closer to our house. Lots of trees.)
There's still time to catch up. We're almost at the end of our
driveway and ready to head out onto the road. Watch for traffic!
Mom and Dad are really happy. After livin' in our house for almost 14 years,
we finally got new pavement on our road. They were afraid it was gonna fall
apart. This is really nice to walk on now. It's not too hot outside today either. 
That's important, 'cuz Mom and I sure wouldn't want my feet to get burned!
Mom saw that our newest neighbors have a horse here. She brought me down
so that I could meet the horse, but he's waay in the back yard behind the big oak
tree. I guess I won't be meetin' him today. We'll have to try again another day.
What really made Mom sad is that this little family hasn't been in this house
a whole year yet, but this sign is now out in front of their place. I think it's
a bummer that they won't be stayin' here for their kids to grow up down the
street from us. We wonder why they're movin' and hope it's a happy reason.
While we were standin' looking at their house, I got barked at. Imagine that!
Someone was barkin' at me and tryin' to get my attention! Look carefully. See?
These neighbors have been down the street since Mom and Dad first moved here.
They rescue greyhounds and this speedy sweetie is their latest resident. She was
runnin' and whinin' and barkin' at me. Mom wouldn't let me walk through the
muddy water in the ditch to say hi, and she said that this pup's owners might not
like me gettin' their girl all worked up. We said hi and then decided to head home.
It was gettin' hotter outside, so I was ready for a drink of water by the time we
made it back up our driveway. Man. This is a long driveway when you're thirsty!
I decided to cut across the yard rather than walk all the way up that windin' drive.
HA! I'm in the home stretch now! Don't be blockin' the door, boys.

Mom better hurry up. I need a drink and then it's time to go swimmin'. 
I really need to cool off and I won't take "no" for an answer. (Well, I will
take no for an answer, but I don't really want to.) No time to hang around 
and chat. I'll be back next week and maybe you'll get to meet that horse!
'til then...
"Bark Like Ya Mean It!"

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Buttons said...

Thanks for the tour Tag. I would like to take that walk myself. Right now we have lots of pretty red, yellow and orange leaves falling all over the place. Oh, and acorns too. I've been saving them for your mom. Bet you'd love to get lost in all those leaves, but a swim in the pool sounds like more fun to me! :)

carolg said...

Ha! If I could figure out a way to market acorns I could quit my day job and sew all day. We have a bumper crop this year, but they're itty bitty. Tag, Quinn wants to swim with you SO BAD. Our swimming lake is now "people only" so we don't get to go anymore. And she was not a huge fan of the ocean!

Createology said...

Great walk and tour of your neighborhood Tag. Glad you got new road surface that is easier to walk upon. I thought the Greyhound might be big enough to be the horse. Terrific Tuesday Tag...Smooches

TerriSue said...

Dear Tag,
My mama wants to say something to you before I finish writing...Tag I love that shot of you going back up the drive. Your show of bloomers there caught me and brought back vivid images of my Chesed...Okay we are back to the important things, like me. I really don't know if I have ever been on a walkie. Mama has never taken me on one because our house is on a hill and you know that she is in a wheelchair. Her wheelchair is a manual one and then our driveway is very short, but more than that it is STEEP. Daddy says it would never pass an evaluation for ADA accessibility. So mama takes me outside in the backyard all the time whether I need to go outside or not. We have a big porch for mama but I have a very big yard for being a city dog. I know every single inch of my yard. I'm also very good at protecting it. I may only weigh 6# but nobody is going to get to my mama while I stand guard. Mama sure was eyeing your driveway and road. She said if she had such a smooth track to go on she Would be able to take me on walkies. Then she said, "Bitabit, Abba knew what was going to happen when He led us to this house. That is why He led us to you eventually. You are such a tiny dog that you can get the exercise you need in your big back yard but you still fit right on my lap to keep me company. Just be happy that your friend Tag gets to go on walkies with his mom." So I am. But Tag next week I want to see a picture of the horse if he is close enough for you to say Hi!

Sharon Chapman said...

Hi Tag, It is us Max and Cooper. Sounds like you are having a great time down there. Our mom took us for our first haircut... We were very good boys but she(groomer) had to take all our hair down to almost nothing. We got caught in the rain and our beautiful fur matted up , so off it went. Mom says it will grow back. We sure hope so! At least we can see where we are going now.Wish we were there to swim with you. High paws and tail wiggles to you.M & C


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