October 7, 2014

Big (Final) Reveal...

It's hard to believe that a room can make such a difference to a creative vibe.
I never realized how I could be affected by light and space...or even the illusion
of space. I thought I needed a hard floor. Nope. I require light and a great view.
The big cabinets are gone, giving me about a foot more floor space, and I've
become very selective about what comes back in here. I have lots of elbow room.
My cutting table is in front of the largest window, and my sewing cabinet 
is turned to face the doorway. My chair will easily slide from the sewing table 
over to the computer, so I don't need to put two chairs in the room. Less is more.
I've got enough room to open up the extra table surface on my cabinet without
having to move it an inch! It's great to hold a quilt in progress or supplies for a
current project. When I'm finished, I just drop the leaf for more floor space.
The guest room is back to "normal" now, too. I repaired all the holes from the
wall anchors to secure the shelves, and gave the room a new coat of paint.

Handsome and I chose a nice, soft rug to coordinate with the Princeton Plates
quilt I made for the bed and we reset the room yesterday. We still have a few
 pieces to hang, but it's now essentially done, leaving a comfortable guest room.
  I have things to put away, a few things to donate and a few things to sell. I'll get
 to all that as soon as I my muscles stop aching and I finish my "happy dance".
Oh, and if you're looking for me after (or during) all that, I'll be in the studio!

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Gloria M said...

Welcome back my friend! This looks "right" now. I certainly can tell a difference in you since your tootsies are back on that carpet and as I told you, no "slick" chair to keep up with. I know you will be just fine in this room. You already seem happier just through your writing. Congrats Dear One...

Buttons said...

Nice, very nice. I wondered how you were going to feel without that window view and sunshine. Welcome back!����

Createology said...

Comfortable with bright light and a beautiful view is exactly what you should have for your productive creative muse. Your guest room looks just right for guests to enjoy. Creative Bliss Dear...

Susan Pilotto said...

Wowzer that is some studio you have got now...your fabric collection...I am speechless! Lovely space! Hugs Susan

Mandy said...

Well done. Such a lot of work to get the rooms just as you would like them to be. Well worth all the thought and effort that went into all of this.

Kris said...

Oh, how I love your new space, Donna!! Those windows are to dye for!!

Leeanne said...

Oh magic creative 'Playstation'!!! LOVE your Dresden plate quilt!!

Jennifer M. said...

The studio looks fantastic! I am so jealous. If I had a creative space like this, I would never leave my home. Enjoy it!


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