October 6, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Bolt and Daniel...

Hi, Everybody!
Today, I'd like you to meet my two newest (long-distance) friends.

The good-lookin' young man on the left is Daniel, and next to him
is his Corgi-mix, Bolt. Daniel and his mom, Andrea read my posts
every Tuesday and they sent me a note last week so I could meet Bolt.

After Daniel met me through my blog posts, he talked with his mom
about getting their own Corgi. Their timin' was perfect, 'cuz the shelter
had a Corgi mix just waitin' for a family to love him and take him home!
Bolt is about three years old and spent the first part of his life on
an Air Force base. Every time he hears an airplane, he looks to the
sky. He and his family live on a flight path now, so he looks up a lot!

Bolt and Daniel spend a lot of time together in their home in Georgia.
Daniel has a sister, Katie, so Bolt has two young people to play with!
Daniel's mom said that Bolt loves every dog and cat he meets. 
(Just like me! He must be mostly-Corgi, for sure! I wonder if he sleeps
upside-down like I do? or if he sleeps with his drummies stickin' out?)
His favorite game is playin' "chase" (I mean, who doesn't?) and he doesn't
care who does the chasin' as long as there's a lot of runnin' involved. He's a
guy after my own heart, for sure! We could put on some serious miles, pal!

He also loves to sleep with Daniel, sit on everybody's lap and eat cheese
snacks. (Somebody get me to Georgia! I LOVE cheese, too!!!) I'm told 
his most favorite food is Chic-fil-A chicken minis. (Oh, dear. I think I 
just drooled a little. I wonder if he shares?) They say he whines when
they drive past a C-f-A restaurant. I don't blame him one, little bit! 

Not only does Bolt like sittin' on laps, he adores ridin' on lawn mowers.
Imagine that!! A grass-cuttin' Corgi! (You're makin' me look bad, man!)
I'm just kiddin', Bolt. It's great that you have a young boy who loves
 you and now you're livin' with a family who'll take care of you forever. 
 I know that Daniel and Bolt are both readin' my post today, so I wanna
give both of them a shout-out. BAAaaaRRRrrrrroooOOOOOOOO!!!

I hope I get to meet both of you some time!! I hope you'll keep comin' 
back to visit with me on Tuesdays, and that you'll write a note to me once
 in a while. I'd really like that. Have fun with each other, and stay safe 
out there! 'til next time...
"Bark Like Ya Mean It!"
(I've added Bolt's picture to "Tag's Friends" page, too.)


  1. Looks like you have a really great looking friend in Bolt now Tag. I am certain you and Daniel, Katie and Bolt would have tons of fun playing together. Isn't it amazing how we can gather good friends through our blogging (I think it would be blarking for you)? Keep up the Tail Waggin Tag...

  2. Wish Tag could have been at my house this morning when my crew saw the post. So much excitement! To answer your question, yes, Bolt does sleep on his back with his drummies sticking straight up! If you do pass through Georgia, we'd love to have a playdate with Tag! Cheers to our new friend!

  3. I love meeting your new friends, Tag! What a great match these two are.

  4. So fun to have new friends, Tag!! Bolt is a cutie but you are still my fav!! :-))


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