July 1, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Here Comes That Rainy Day Feelin' Again...

 Hi, Everybody!
If you've been watchin' the weather maps for south Florida, you've seen that we've 
been gettin' a bunch of rain lately. Dad and Mom don't mind too much because we 
have lots of trees around us and we have to worry about fireworks fires on the 4th.
 We aren't gonna have to worry about that this year. We've got plenty
of water around the yard now, and Dad said there's more rain comin'.

This is a picture of our pond in the back yard of our property. I don't usually 
get to go back there at all. Sometimes there are alligators, and Mom said we 
aren't gonna take any chances with my safety. Works for me. Gators are creepy!

When Mom and Dad first moved here almost thirteen years ago, there were
small cypress trees on the pond. They planted a bunch more trees, including 
two really tall cypresses (right behind the oak tree right in front there). That 
oak tree was only about 7 feet tall when they planted it three years ago. Stuff 
grows really fast down here! The first cypress trees are really big now, too.

Right behind those trees, you can see our pond. It's not usually as full of
water as it is right now, but it's supposed to take all the runoff from the yard,
so you can see it's doin' its job. It's so full that Mom and Dad can't walk all the
way to the back property line 'cuz of all the water. Even the fire ants are wet!
These two trees are usually on the western bank of the pond. For the past month, 
the water has completely surrounded them. We say that their "toes are wet" when 
they're in the water. They're really happy bein' in the water, and it's good for 'em. 

All the way over on the left side of this picture is where Dad usually drives our
tractor to the back of our property. He sure can't do that now, and it's gonna be a 
while before he can go around there again. He'll maybe even have to wait 'til fall!
 Even our swimmin' pool is gettin' full of water! Dad keeps checkin' 'cuz if
it gets too full, he'll have to drain off the extra. It's all too technical for me!
 Oh, boy!
It's thunderin' again. I'd better run inside. More rain is comin'.
 Did ya think I was kiddin'?
Look! It's rainin' frogs and lizards!
(Ya thought I was gonna said "cats and dogs, didn't ya? pfffft!)
 The pond just keeps fillin' and I'm runnin' outta places to go potty without 
gettin' soakin' wet! Mom said I need a bath 'cuz I'm startin' to smell a little 
ripe. She's kiddin', right? The last thing I want right now is one of her baths 
or that thing she calls a "butt freshening"! I'm just startin' to get comfy with 
my aura. I'm hopin' that the rain stops so I can run around out there again 
soon. I get a little cabin fever just hangin' around the house! I'm waitin' for 
the sun to come out again. It's lots more fun tannin' by my pool. Corgis 
aren't known for bein' patient, but I guess I'll just have to wait. 'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Kris said...

Hey Tag - Could you send some of those frogs and lizards out here to the western United States where we are breaking hot temperatures all over the place!! Thanks, little friend!! :-))

Createology said...

Hi Tag! You sure are having a lot of rain for this time of year. We are dry and sizzlin hot here in Northern California. I once visited friends who were living in a lovely part of Orlando. Once...only...they had alligators in their giant ponds and those gators actually would creep right into the yards of the homes! NO THANK YOU!!! I am glad you are safe inside even if you are a little cooped up. Hey...isn't Florida the "Sunshine State"? I'll swap you some sunshine for some rain. Happy tail waggin Tag...

Beedeebabee said...

I really enjoyed this cute post, Tag! You have a beautiful yard even if it is a bit soggy from all the rain you've been getting. Those alligators that sometimes sneak around sound scary though! xo

Sherri said...

Tag, your description of the weather is the description of the weather here in Charlotte, NC too! I'm so done with the rain! We need a drying out spell now. I hate to say it but our Golden, Teddy needs a "butt freshening" also! Love the way your Mom put that-LOL!! You take care and don't float away!!

Laurie said...

Thank-you for the beautiful tour, Tag, your back yard is so pretty, even with all the water. You weren't kidding when you said it was going to rain! I hope it dries up sometime soon!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Tag, I have a little dog that doesn't like thunder! I know you are brave, but our Barney keeps us awake all night when it storms. We've had lots of rain and storms here lately, yawn . . . Twyla


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