July 30, 2013

My New Toy...

 Who knew I could get so tickled about an iron. Really? An IRON! You
may have seen this gem on episodes of Fons and Porters Quilting show.
It's the OlisoPro Smart Iron.

It has one specific feature that I never thought I would enjoy so much. It
has "scorch-proof" feet that lift the iron's sole plate off the ironing board.
It does this by sensing when your hand is on the iron. If you take your 
hand away from the iron, the feet automatically lift it up. It's so great!
 The first time I used the iron in front of Handsome, he was so surprised.
I wish you could have been here to see his reaction yourselves. It's not
often that something catches him. When he came into the studio to ask 
me a question, I took my hand away from the iron and the iron popped
 right up. He said, "Whoa! What the...?" I couldn't help but laugh. We had
fun after that, showing him how the iron works and telling him about it.
 This is an 1800 watt iron, giving it plenty of "gun" to heat quickly and sufficiently 
to overcome the toughest wrinkles. It has multiple settings for temperature and 
steam capabilities, and then it's got those fabulous feet! It's a little heavy, but 
when I used it, I didn't find that to be an issue. After all, you're not really lifting 
it to use it! Just put your hand over the sensors, the feet retract, and you iron away.

As I finish writing this review for you, I find myself a bit surprised to be so
enamored of a simple household appliance - and one usually held in contempt, at 
that. It's true, though. I love my new toy and wonder why it took so long for
someone to come up with this fabulous idea. Whether you're ironing fabrics for
your next quilt, or (as I do) ironing your husband's favorite cotton shirts, I think
you'll find the OlisoPro is up to the task. It's fun to give this one a BIG thumbs up.

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Lesley said...

Lucky you! I saw this iron on a You Tube video and couldn't believe my eyes! A great idea for a quilter's iron!

Createology said...

I actually like to iron. Now days we do so little of it. I will have to check this out and see those little feet. Happy Ironing Dear...

TerriSue said...

It's yellow. That in itself would brighten any ironing day. I love it! I don't think it's in my future though as our budget these days isn't even allowing vegetables. Have fun with your new toy.

Indigo Blue said...

Not seen this before! I wonder if it is student resistant as being a textiles teacher it has to put up with hundereds of students "using" an iron. The only iron that has been ideal for school use was condemed at its last PAT test due to over use! Pity, I loved that iron, but I shall research into this one now.
Take care

Patty said...

I have an different model than this one but I love it. The only downfall is that when I sew at my sister's I forget to stand her iron up! I've been lucky so far and caught my mistake before any real damage has occurred!


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