July 2, 2013

Coffee Break...

 Our Coffee Club always exhanges gifts over the Christmas holiday. I received
some really lovely and thoughtful things last year and appreciate every one. As
I was looking through my "stash", I came across the one I received from Flo.
 I wear aprons whenever I'm cooking in the kitchen, and this was a perfect
gift from a thoughtful friend. I pulled a couple of my favorite twill tapes
and decided that I'm going to make my apron from Flo this week. 

Once it's finished, I'll show it to the girls and then I'll put it on the hook in 
the kitchen. Each time reach for it and put it on, I'll remember our friend.

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Minimiss said...

It's great to have something useful to remember a special friend by.

Createology said...

How appropriate the timing is to make this apron and be able to think of Flo every time you wear it. I am anxious to see your finished apron. From triple digit heat...day five...Cooling Hugs.


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