July 18, 2013


 My finger is now protected by only a small Bandaid, and it is healing well.
It doesn't hurt and I should be able to remove the bandage in a day or so.

The best thing about being injured was that I was able to focus on 
finishing the instructions for my Summertime Quilt pattern. It is now 
completed, uploaded into my Craftsy shop and available for purchase.

Today will be an exciting day at Brynwood, but I can't tell you about it
today. I promised Tag that he could share the whole story on Tuesday. 
We're such teases, aren't we?

We hope you have a wonderful Friday.

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Chris said...

Lovely pattern. Such lovely cool colors of fabric.

Createology said...

Your Summertime quilt is beautiful. I hope you sell lots of patterns. Tag and you are up to something? This will be good...
So glad your finger is healing and doesn't hurt. Don't tempt the pain gods by bumping it or worse.
Wonderful Weekend Dear...


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