July 21, 2013

Lavender Sachets...

 I just know you're going to love these beautiful lavender sachets that
recently arrived from my creative friend, Dawn at The Feathered Nest!
 One of them has a scroll with the words "May friendship's well never run dry".
I especially like the daisies on this one. (It's Mom Grace's favorite flower.)
 This other one features a vintage image of old-time roses with a 
"Many Happy Returns" message in the corner. These roses remind me
 of the rose-covered wallpaper on the walls of my childhood bedroom.
 She embellished the beautiful images with her signature seam binding
and then she added sparkling buttons. Don't you think it's just a perfect 
touch for the lovely pink and green floral images that Dawn chose?
 I'll be showcasing these fragrant sachets in the studio for a while. They
smell great, and they also make me smile just looking at them. I think
they'll fit right in, don't you? Of course, later I'll move them to my
bureau drawer where I'll enjoy the aroma of lavender every time I open it.

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sissie said...

Hi Donna,
I hope that you are enjoying your summer.
I love the beautiful sachets that Dawn makes. Yours are lovely and way too pretty to put away just yet.


Laurie said...

How pretty, and what a precious gift! I can smell the aroma just looking at them. Beautiful!

Createology said...

Lavender is such a beautiful scent. Your sachets by Dawn are lovely. Summer Sunshine Smiles...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh yes, they are beautiful! Twyla

Terri Sue said...

I am forever making sachets, but I don't have even one in my drawers because I end up giving them all away. Yours are beautiful Donna. What a great friend!


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