July 19, 2013


 I have a thing for calendars...especially if I think I might be able to use
the images later for something else. I'm particularly fond of Cheri Blum
images from her calendars, but these are so aesthetically pleasing to me.
 These woodland images were created by Linda Ravenscraft for a
 calendar that was produced in 2007. I have it safely tucked in the
studio along with my Cheri Blum calendars, just waiting for me.
 I have used Cheri's images in decoupage on furniture, and can just 
imagine how wonderful these might be on just the right piece. I think they'd
add a perfect touch to a chest of drawers, or on the doors of the armoire 
that stands in my studio. I can imagine acorn adornments with them, too.
 This is the front of my calendar, and it's just like new.
Now that I'm looking at it again, my mind is full of ideas for
using these images. Don't be too surprised if you see one of
them again - in another context - in the near future.
 I'll be at Coffee Club this morning, and this afternoon all of us
will be attending Flo's memorial service here in North Port.
All of her local friends will be gathering to remember her and 
all the good times we shared together. I hope the sun shines.
It would be appropriate.

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Createology said...

Sending Sunshine to Flo and knowing she will be honored by you and all the ladies. Fabulous calendar images. I too save calendars I especially like. Then when the mood strikes the right idea I use and share them with gifts for others. Weekend Relaxation Dear...

Sherri said...

Great calendar Donna! Sorry about the loss of your friend.


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