July 7, 2013

Always Grateful...

 Aside from my family, nothing makes me more grateful than the beautiful
friendships that have been made through Brynwood and my blog. Last week, I
was again surprised to receive packages from two of them...TerriBoog and Twyla.
 Terri (and her little dog, Bitabit) sent a lovely package of goodies. I was
so surprised! She included a corgi t-shirt; a little, wooden corgi figure; a
great corgi magnet (that will go on the Explorer) and pen; a metal acorn 
adornment; and the most beautiful, heart-shaped dish! It has fused glass in 
the bottom that just glistens when the light hits it. I've put it right in my studio!
 Of course, I'm sending a proper thank you note, but I wanted to show you
the wonderful things that she sent to me. I love them all, Terri and Bitabit!
 Dear friend, Twyla, always seems to know just what I need and when to send it. 
She prayed that God "heal my socks off", so she sent me a really cute pair to 
wear! I'm already reading the "Angels on Earth" magazines. They're 
inspirational and comforting, and I love that she cared to send them to me.
Thank you, Twyla. You're one in a million!
 I consider this card a gift, too. It came from loved ones in England
and is so appreciated. Isn't it a pretty card? It made me feel great
before I ever opened it! I love all the layers and the sweet images.
 Gifts from the heart mean so much to me, and it wasn't hard to see the
affection that arrived in each card that was tucked inside these packages. 
The words that were written filled me up. The additional tokens were the icing on top.
I'm always so very grateful for this life and the good people with whom I share it.

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Marydon Ford said...

I know exactly how you feel, Donna ... the love of friends we would never have possibly met are treasured & so enjoyed. You are a sweetie. The gifts are just lovely & that card is wonderful.

Have a beautiful day ...
Big hugs,

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, you are thought of, admired and prayed for by so many here in blog land. It just shows how very much you are loved! Have a wonderful day, Sweet Friend! Love, Twyla

Createology said...

Thoughtful gifts from thoughtful friends. Life is good. Blessings Dear...

Laurie said...

All your gifts are so special Donna. Blog friends really are the best, and anything from a loved one is so precious to the heart.

Terri Sue said...

I'm glad you liked my little tokens. What I want is for you to heal my dear friend.


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