July 22, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Meet Ceri...

 Hi, Everybody!
Gosh. A lot sure can happen in one short week.

Last week, I was lying around in the heat, hittin' the pool to cool off and just
mindin' my own business. Then Mom got a call that changed everythin'.
 I have a little Corgi foster sister!!! She's gonna live with us for the next couple
of weeks and then she's gonna move to Minnesota to live with Mom's sister, Di.

She was abandoned and full of fleas when she was found, and the caller had
checked everywhere for a couple of weeks to see if anyone was lookin' for her.
Can you believe that she was all alone? We were asked if we could take her 
to live with us. Mom talked to Dad and then called her sister who has wanted a
corgi for quite a while. Her sister said "yes" right away! When Di called back the 
next day, she asked us to start calling this little girl "Ceri" (pronounced Kee-ree). 
It's Welsh for "love".

 We've been gettin' along great - as long as she doesn't get too cozy with my
Mom! I even showed her my awesome swimmin' skills and she loves my pool!
 This is kinda how we got acquainted. I first met her in town and then we came back 
home. Mom let us both into the Holidome and we stood checkin' each other out.
 Then, I jumped into the pool and Ceri jumped right in behind me!
I couldn't even believe it! She loves bein' in the water!!
 I showed her my superior divin' style. (She was impressed!)
 She stood on the swim-out and watched me take a few laps.
She was not too sure about jumpin' in with me, so she just stayed there,
stuck her head under water and then she blew bubbles. Mom laughed!
 She jumped off the deck one time and almost missed the swim out.
That woulda been really funny, but Mom and Dad were lifeguardin'.
She was safe.

Actually, by the end of the day, she was swimmin', too, but she didn't 
jump in like I do. Mom just took her out into the deep water to swim.
She has a pretty mean dog paddle! I thought that was cool.
 Every time I swam back to get out, there she was waitin' for me. You might 
notice that she's kinda tiny. She only weighs seventeen pounds. (I weigh
thirty!) We think she's about two years old, so maybe we're the same age!
 As soon as I jumped outta the water, Ceri jumped out, too, and then
we ran around the pool deck as fast as we could. We stopped, shook off 
the extra water, and then...
 SPLASH! Right back into the pool!
 She was pretty sad when we first saw her, but she's happier already.
When we told her what her new name is, she seemed to understand.
She comes when Mom calls her. She sits so Mom or Dad can put her leash
on before going outside (we don't want her runnin' away again!), and she's
excited to be movin' up to Minnesota. (We didn't tell her about snow yet.)
 So, for the next few weeks, I'll share more adventures with Ceri.
I think you'll like her as much as we do.

Have a great week. See ya next Tuesday! 'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Laurie said...

I think Tag is going to be disappointed when his new girl friend leaves! They're so cute together.

Kris said...

I agree with Laurie but we all want to welcome you to the family, Ceri!! You are pretty cute and I think Tag might have a little crush on you!! What ya say, Tag? :-))

zooperson said...

Thank you for being such a good foster brother to Miss Ceri--it must be really scary to find yourself alone for whatever reason.

Mandy said...

So nice to hear that Ceri will have a new permanent home with your sister, Donna. Tag will have a lot of fun getting to know his new friend over the next weeks.

Sharon said...

Oh my dog (as SP would say)! Tag you are the best! I love the picture of your dive and I'm so happy that this little corgi girl have found such a great forever home.

Carol said...

Tag she is as cute as she can be...it is so sweet of you to share your mom and dad with her for a bit and that you're teaching her all the things she needs to know...you're such a good boy!

Shirley said...

Tag you will miss her, but I am glad you found her and that she is going to a good home. Stay cool because it is sure hot in our area. Hugs and Prayers your Missouri Friend.

Createology said...

Tag what a very sweet sister you have in Ceri. Thank you for explaining her name phonetically. How special for you to show her how to swim and enjoy running the Holidome. I bet mom bought Ceri some of her own toys so you can keep yours to yourself. You are such a good Corgi to share your home with Ceri until she moves North. Its probably good not to tell her about snow for a while. Smooches...

Andrea H. said...

My 9 year old son has to check every Tuesday to see what Tag is up to. He has wanted a corgi for years, but he is settling for our 10 year old Maltipoo. I keep hoping that we can get him a corgi, but until then we will follow the exploits of Tag. Glad to see that Ceri will have a loving home!

DeeDee said...

See this is one, only one of the reasons, I love your guys.. Big hearts, sharing, caring and helping others even our fur-baby friends.. I am very happy for Ceri she was blessed this week.. :D They look so happy together. tag will miss her lots when she moves to her furever home...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, Tag, this post had me grinning from ear to ear! You two look so cute together! It's so fun seeing you play together. Enjoy your time together! Smooches, Auntie Twyla

Terri Sue said...

Hi Tag, Bitabit here. Being a rescue myself I got all choked up over what you and your mom and dad are doing. When I saw the pictures of you and Ceri running around the pool I wanted to join right in. I asked mama if we could go over and play with the both of you before Ceri goes to live with your aunt. She told me a trip from Texas to Florida just for a play date was not going to happen. I'll be thinking of you playing together the next 2 weeks. Have fun!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Tag this is absolutely wonderful! Oh my gosh!!! I love her! Are you sure you can't keep her? You could have your very own dog. I mean mom and dad have you and I think you deserve your own dog too! :) Just say'in.

Jan M said...

Thanks for introducing us to your new sister and playmate! She is one very lucky dog. I love seeing both of you splash in the pool!

heartsease54 said...

Tag, I am so excited for you. You get to teach her all about being the best dog in the world for your Aunt Di. Be sure & keep her safe from the alligators and swim and play with her lots and lots so she will want to come visit often. She is very pretty.


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