July 31, 2013

Perfect For The Studio...

 ...and anywhere else I want to use it.

I've always had a Bose Sound Dock to play my first and second generation 
iPods in the studio. It was actually the only way I could still play music on 
my iPods, which wouldn't be controlled or charged without dropping them 
into the dock. My two iPods are ancient by anyone's standards, so I
depended on the Dock to keep them going. Then it happened. My Dock died.
 Bose has a great program if your Dock dies. You can send it back to them
and they'll give you a deep discount on purchasing another of their products.

Handsome surprised me when he chose a Bluetooth Speaker from their
product line for me to use in the studio - or anywhere else. It's so dang small
that I can pick it up and move it anywhere in the house, Flying Cloud or...
anywhere! I paired the Bluetooth with my iPhone and iPad, so I can play all 
my music through it without cords and cables that need to be plugged into the 
precious few outlets in my work area. It only connects to recharge the battery!
 And look at how small it is! It's about the size of a useful clutch handbag.
I think I'll have to use my sewing machines standing up, so that when I'm
in the studio, this girl can get her groove on! (giggle) I don't know about you,
but when the Doobies, Eagles, Al Green, Roy Orbison, the Bee Gees (just to 
name a few) are playing within earshot, I can't help it. I have to dance!

You know what I'm going to say next, right? Yup. I've got the greatest 
husband in the whole world. Don't argue with me now. Handsome is the best!
Who would have thought that a bluetooth speaker could make your feel young?
If you're looking for me, I'll be in the studio dancing while I play!

Oh, yeah. Happy August! (already)

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laurajane said...

You're a very technical girl Donna.I couldn't cope with all that still play my CDs.I have an iPod,still has nothing on it.I know they store a lot but I still love my CDs and would you believe my old records which I just couldn't part with.
Enjoy your music keep dancing,however we listen its still great .x

Createology said...

Music soothes the soul! You said it...Handsome is the best!! Music makes us move and groove and I will have a visual of you dancing around your studio girlfriend!!! Yes...I am a very unattractive shade of envy green. Sherryyy...Sherry Baby...

TerriSue said...

Lucky you!

Minimiss said...

Ahhh, the queen of gadgets and you do have a pretty good one there in Handsome but I have to disagree - mine is the best!! ;-)


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