May 13, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - A Dog's Life...

Hi, everybody!
I'm sure you've heard the term "A Dog's Life" before.
Now that it's gettin' warm around south Florida again, I thought we
should revisit my favorite part of this dog's daily pool time!!
Every afternoon now, I bug Mom or Dad until someone finally gets the
message to head to the pool with me. Unlike Fezzik who I'm told didn't 
mind going swimmin' on his own, I prefer the company of my "peeps".
Before I can go in the water, there's the mandatory Mad Dash around the
 pool...two laps minimum. I gotta run as fast as I can and get jazzed to jump!
When I get a really good "lean" on the curves, Dad calls me his "Racin' 
Pig". He says that's how the racin' pigs in the State Fair races make turns!
So I run and run like a fool until my tongue hangs out...
and Dad or Mom start to laugh and then...
BAM! I jump in the pool and jump off the edge of the shelf.
You gotta give me points for style, right?
I don't need one of those goofy life vests either. 
I've got the dog paddle down to an art.
I can swim super fast when I need to keep up with Dad, too!
(It's just another one of my super corgi powers. hee hee)
Finally, there's my fine form exitin' the pool to start all over again.
I think it's a really good thing we don't have a divin' board. 
I might be an Olympic Corgi then!

I know. I got it rough. Reeeeeal rough. 
Actually, I know what a Lucky Dog I really am.
I want to tell you somethin' serious before I close this week.
A few of you have asked how my brother, Trip is doing.
I thought you might appreciate an update.
This is Trip from last summer. 
Trip's leg is healin' and so are his abrasions. That's all really
great news, but there's one thing that I'm a little worried about.
Because of his head injury from the accident, and the dangerous amount 
of anesthesia he received while in the emergency clinic, he's deaf right now.

Mom, Dad and I are prayin' that this is only a temporary condition and that 
his hearing will come back again when he's healed. My Aunt Marion is so sad 
thinkin' that he might never hear her voice or other sounds again. 

We would like to ask all of you to say a little prayer that he heals completely, 
including his hearing. I want him to be able to hear me barkin' my skull 
off next time we frap and play around at his house in Michigan together.
We believe in the power of prayer and just know that all our prayers can help.

I'll be back next week with more adventures and I'll update more about
my brother as I get news. 'til then, please give your pets an extra hug and
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"


  1. Well, you are a super-star, Tag!! That is for sure!! But make sure you don't get a sunburn on that little nose of yours!! And lots of prayers for Trip!! I too know that prayer is a VERY powerful tool!! :-))

  2. What an adorable little sweetie!...Hope Trip's hearing returns real soon. xo

  3. Hi Tag...Two good fast laps around the pool and then Splash right into the pool is a really good workout! Love the lean into rounding the curve...just like the Kentucky Derby winners. Happy Splashin Smooches...

  4. Tag, it was so fun watching you getting ready for your swim! You are a great swimmer! You are a lucky dog. I am praying for your brother. I so want you to be able to bark to him again. I am praying! Love, Aunt Twyla

  5. Dearest Tag,
    Prayers ascend for your brother that all will be healed and well.
    Yes, a perfect 10 for athletic corgi form at pool frolicking :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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