May 19, 2013

Blue Ribbons...

 Tomorrow is our monthly quilt guild meeting. Last month, I volunteered
to help make rosettes for what will become some our prize ribbons for the
quilt show in February 2014.  I volunteered to make First Place rosettes.
 This is how I spent part of my Sunday afternoon. Aren't they pretty?
I created twenty rosettes in all.
 We made ribbons for our last show, too. This is what they'll look like
when they're completely finished. Blue for First Place; red for Second;
and white for Third. Our Honorable Mention ribbons are yellow.

This design was a real hit at our last show, so we wanted to do the
same design for our ribbons for the next show. Of course, I'm hoping
to earn a Blue Ribbon (or two) myself. I'd better get to work, too. At
the rate this year is flying by, February will be here before we know it!

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Marydon said...

They are very pretty Donna.
Big hugs,

LBP said...

Oh my gosh those are cute! They are going to love them!



Createology said...

You certainly do know how to volunteer! I have to sit on my hands in order to not over commit. These are beautiful and unique. I am certain you will have a blue ribbon or two for your beautiful quilting. Monday, Monday...
Sunshine Smiles Dear.


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