May 16, 2013

Our Cypress Pond...

 After my appointments yesterday, I took a walk to my favorite place
in our yard. I went to visit the beautiful cypress trees on our pond.

 When we first moved here, there were five little cypress trees around the pond
perimeter that the previous owners had planted. We added two large ones soon
 after, but we didn't stop there. We planted more small ones - and they're all 
starting to come into their own. The original five are now quite impressive and
our two largest trees stand like sentries, having grown to at least twenty feet tall.
This is where I feel completely content and calm. I stand under their lacy boughs
and I can see and feel their knees rising around my feet. They're happy to be
living here, too...drinking from our pond. When Hurricane Charley prepared
to make landfall a short ten miles from our home,  I went into the yard,
hugged this big tree and asked God to spare it from the storm. It still stands.
As I turn back toward the house, I always stop to appreciate the riot of 
color provided by our (neglected) bouganvillea. (My plants always do 
better if I ignore them. Really!) That huge bush is content to just be soaking up
 the Florida sunshine next to our little shed without any interference from me.
 Then, I take time to thank God for my husband, my family 
and our home as I walk back through the yard. 
(That's my studio window behind the little palm trees on the right.)

I know Tag will be waiting for me back in the Holidome. (He's never
allowed in this part of our yard. I don't want him near the pond in case
 there's an alligator. We don't take any chances at all with Tag's safety!) 

Handsome will be waiting for me so we can catch up on the events of the
day and all is right in my world - and I'm so glad you could walk with me.
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Lesley UK said...

Donna, what a beautiful home and garden you have.Thank you so much for sharing. Could you possibly send a little of that sunshine my way? It's still cold and grey here, and my poor plants and trees are struggling to survive. Blessings, and love to Tag

Mandy said...

This is such a beautiful garden. Thanks so much for sharing it with those of us in the UK. As Lesley has said, the skies are rather dull and overcast here with a real threat of more rain.
Your photos made such a boost of bright and cheerful colour.

laurajane said...

A truely lovely post Donna,taking time to enjoy Gods good works.x

Buttons said...

Ah, just what I needed! Beautiful...and by the way, I'd be more than happy to tend to those bougainvillea's for you anytime! :)

Createology said...

Your home and property are delightful. I can see why you like to seek solace amongst the Cypress trees at your pond. Except for the critters you get...looks like a slice of heaven. Friday Bliss Dear...

Sherri said...

What a lovely post Donna! I strolled right along side you while you described where you were walking! Have a great weekend!


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