May 14, 2013

Free To A Quilting Home...

 As I trimmed the blocks for my most recent quilt, I saved all the scraps in a
container. There are a lot of triangles, strips too short or narrow, and even an 
assortment of flying geese blocks that were cut the wrong size for this project, 
but all the same size to each other. I've found myself contemplating what I
should do with all this. Heck! I don't want to just throw it all away, after all!

It occurred to me that one of my readers might want this assortment of fabrics, 
and I'll even add some larger pieces of the fabrics to "beef it up" a bit. I'm sure
these would work well for placemats, mug mats, pillows, mini quilts or many
other projects using smaller blocks. I bet you already have a few ideas yourself!

Does anyone want this box of scraps?
If you leave a comment on this post voicing interest in getting these scraps, I'll do 
a drawing on Friday and give it to one lucky person. If you're the only person 
that shows any interest in my offer, you'll be the recipient. I'll even pay postage!
 If you have the pattern for "Over The River and Through The Woods" and you 
like to paper piece, I've created foundations for the blocks. You can download
them by going to the menu on the top of my blog to "BW Free Patterns & 
Tutorials" link and then scroll down to the Box™ widget. Choose "Over The 
River Paper Foundations" and it will take you to the patterns you can download. 

Be sure to first download them to your computer and then print them at 100% 
resolution so that they print the right size. They are 6" finished blocks, but you need
 to download and not just print from the window for them to print the right size.

For today, I'm sharing the direct link, too. Just CLICK HERE to go to the files.
Please only make copies for yourself and do not sell my patterns.
They're for your personal use only.

Today is "Clean The Studio Day". I can't find a dang thing in there right now!
Hope you're enjoying Spring weather in your part of the world.
It's just perfect for Spring Cleaning here.

(Don't forget to leave a comment if you're interested in my scrap box!)
UPDATE: 10:30 pm Friday, May 17, 2013 DRAWING CLOSED
Thank you!

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Lesley UK said...

Good morning Tag's Mum. Yourscraps would be ideal for my crazy quilting, but I'm in the UK (sigh!) Luv to you, Handsome, and of course my favourite little corgi. I hope Tig is getting better. Blessings

Ruth said...

Morning Donna....... I've yet to make a full sized quilt. Being a newbie to quilting, figured I'd start with some small projects first. Your beloved scraps would be perfect for that. Thanks so much for sharing all of your creations. Mostly I'm truly inspired and other times I think...... Golly no way I can do that. I'm also starting my first appliqué, a pillow. Have a blessed day ! Ruth

gsm Martin said...

Hi Donna, I am a relatively (renewed)quilter and I love your blog. I pieced quilts and quilted many years ago and the last year, thanks to being inspired by your blog, I am at it full force. I read your blog daily for a long time when finally I just jumped in with both feet and started quilting again. There is such a peace found when quilting. I would love to win your scraps as I have just begun to build a little bit of a stash and they would go along way with my renewed passion. Thanks again for the wonderful inspiring blog.

gsm Martin said...

PS Oh by the way I love the book I bought from you, I have learned a lot from it. Love the applique, keep on inspiring us.

Createology said...

I just knew your "scraps" would be shared with someone who really quilts. I would also love them however know that I don't quilt so I shall not want. (Gosh it is hard to pass up such a wonderful offer!)
How sweet of you to also share your patterns. Thank you Donna for being such a kind and wonderful lady. Happy day sorting through your studio dear...

Luba Hoffman said...

I'm always looking for scrap bags to get me out of my comfort zone. Would love to create something from your scraps, Donna!

DeeDee said...

what a great idea for the scraps... I always hate to throw them out. I do many things with them.. still wanting to try paper piecing.. it looks hard.. :D

Bonnie Pfrimmer said...

I love scraps!! especially someone elses. Its like Christmas morning and you can't wait to see what you got and how are you going to use them. So sweet of you to offer the scraps to us. And the patterns...Whoopie!!!!

maggie said...

Dear Donna
I love your blog. Always find something interesting & fun.
I'd love to have your scraps.
What a generous offer. Other peoples' scraps are always more interesting and fun to use.

Wendy said...

I would love your scraps. My dear sweet granddaughter (she's 18) is learning to quilt and these would be perfect for us to use as she learns the ropes.

linny said...

I'm really enjoying seeing your progress on the Over the River quilt. It's looking great. I would love to win your scraps, I do a lot of foundation piecing. Thanks for the chance to win them.

laurajane said...

Lovely scraps Donna.Thanks for the chance.


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