May 27, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Mom's New Walkin' Boots...

 Hi, Everybody!
Did you have a nice holiday weekend?
 It was nice here, too. Our family spent the day together and just took it easy.
Isn't that really what it's all about?
I want to show you Mom's newest boots. They're called "Wellies" and they're great
for dealin' with muck and mud and rain. They're made in England. Mom used to have 
a pair (or two) of green ones for doin' kennels in Wisconsin, but she donated 'em a 
couple of years ago. (She keeps wonderin' what she was thinkin'!). She didn't think 
she'd need 'em anymore. Then, she thought they would have been absolutely perfect 
for takin' campin' when we're on the Flyin' Cloud! So, when she saw these, she knew 
they had her name on 'em! BooYah! She ordered 'em right away!

By the way...This wonderful pillow was made by our friend, Troy at Junk Exchange. 
It's one of Mom's favorite "touches" in the master bedroom!  He always has such cool 
stuff, and he does special requests, too! Here's a link to Troy's Etsy Shop.
 "Rule Brittania. Britannia rules the mud..."
hee hee
I can hardly wait for our next walk in the rain. Me, in all my Welsh glory,
and Mom in her British Wellington boots. We'll be stylin', for sure!
Have a great week. I'll see you again soon. 'til next time...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Danice said...

Great boots. I have always heard of Wellies but never knew what they look like. The doggie is so adorable. Thank you for this post :)

Minimiss said...

Ahhhh, they might be wellies in Pomgolia (hee-hee) but we call them gum-boots in New Zealand. Don't ask me why but we do. I would have to say that they are very flash willies - ours are usually plain black.

Createology said...

Tuesday Shoesday and these Wellies are fantastic. Tag you will love walking next to mom and splashing in puddles with her. That is what I do when I wear my rain boots! You are such a cutie my little comfort Welsh Corgi. Smooches and Treats...

Tina C said...

Too cute for words, Donna!


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