May 8, 2013

Preserving The Past...

 When Handsome and I first moved into the house we built in Wisconsin, I
had not yet created my first quilt. Rather, I purchased them when I saw a 
pattern and color that really appealed to me. As we used blues and greys in
our master bedroom, I found a traditional wedding ring quilt that I really loved.
 It adorned our bed for many years. Not only did we sleep under it, but 
we also shared it with my first Labrador retriever, Bryn. She'd happily
jump up on the bed (actually, whether we were in the room or not) and
over the years, it became a little threadbare in spots. 

In an effort to save the quilt, I'd make little patches out of blue and white 
fabric, sew it over the spot and then hand stitch it to give it a little character. 
(Like a bone shape above!) I even added a button here or there for interest.
 Time and frankly, abuse finally took their toll on our quilt but I really
couldn't bear to just toss it out, so I managed to salvage just a section of it 
before we moved. What is left equals four "rings" of the original pattern.
(It's actually about 28" square.)

I've decided that I'm going to make a table mat out of what's left of it.
I want to add a few more patches and embellishments to it, as well.

What do you think? 
How would you preserve this small piece of our past?

One more thing: I'm going to make my own Wedding Ring quilt one of these
days, and when I do, I'm going to make it in these same blue and whites!


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Buttons said...

Maybe a pillow with the "old" on one side and the "new" of pieces made from current quilt?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's beautiful. I've never had the heart to cut an old quilt. I like the look of them folded neatly on a shelf or a chair...just to look at! Enjoy your day!

Createology said...

What a lovely quilt and the precious memories it holds. I really like the pillow idea that would keep it close by for you to cuddle at times. Your patches make it even more special. Creative Bliss...


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