May 5, 2013

Ready-To-Wear Corgi...

 I just got a new pendant and love it so much I had to share!

This little lovely was created by talented artist, Emily Rose Godlevsky.
She lives in Denton, Texas, where she creates jewelry for all dog breeds.
Emily's business is called "DreamEyce Studio". 
(links below)
I just love her sense of whimsy, and I thought her corgi was perfectly "Tag".
 When I'm not wearing "mini Tag", it hangs where I can see and enjoy our bedroom from the switch on a favorite and treasured lamp.
 If you're interested in seeing more of Emily's work, you can
She has lots of breeds available and she also does custom work.

Tag had a busy weekend, and he just can't wait to tell you about it.
See you tomorrow!

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Createology said...

How very cute the little Taglet is. I shall check out her links. Thank you for sharing them. Monday, monday...

Anonymous said...

So dog-gone cute.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

that pendant is perfect! it's totally cute and I can see why you're wear it all the time for the time being.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

That's cool!


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