May 7, 2013

Studio Comfort...

 One of the things I love about spending time in the studio is being surrounded
by the gifts I have received from friends over the years. I keep many of those gifts
where I can see them every day, and they're constant reminders of those friends.
All I have to do is look around and I find myself surrounded by them.
These wonderful and unique gifts were created by loving hands for me.
They're like reminders of warm, comforting hugs.

Of course, I reciprocated with each and every one of these friends, but I'm 
still in awe of the talent, generosity and friendship that each gift represents.
From Laura
Gifts that were chosen with my favorite things in mind -
like acorns and oak leaves - and needlework...
From Kathy
or hand stitched woolwork on a pincushion (you know I love pincushions!)...
From Bonnie
or a special sewn flower cushion from a swap that was the start of what
has become a valued friendship from someone I've never met in person...
From Twyla
 or a crocheted pincushon that is just one of the many gifts that was made by 
another dear blog friend. She also crocheted a beautiful prayer shawl for me 
when Fezzik died. I'll never, ever forget her for that kindness and concern.

These are just a few of the gifts that surround me in my studio. 
Is it any wonder that I love spending time there? 
Please know that these are tangible gifts, but I also value the gifts of your
time and words whenever you leave comments for me on my blog.
It's the feedback you give that lets me know that my words reach you...
that I'm not just "talking" out into the ether. That I'm not alone in this effort.
Thank you for those gifts, too.

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh Donna, your words are never lost. I can't tell you how much I admire you and consider my life enriched by your words, your talents and your heart. Yes, your studio is a room full of friendship and love. What a wonderful place! (Thanks for your picture taking advice). Love, Twyla

Mandy said...

Yes, I also enjoy visiting your Blog. It is such fun to hear what you are doing and see glimpses of another part of the world.
Best wishes from Cheshire in the UK.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I am another that loves to visit! Lovely gifts!

Createology said...

Surrounding ourselves with gifts from dear friends is warm and comforting. I treasure gifts from dear friends such as yourself. Visiting your blog is the very first thing I do when I sit at my computer and you are always a bright beginning to my day. Thank you Dear...

Buttons said...

Ms. thoughts exactly. I could not have said it any better. How blessed we are to have found Donna! :)


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