May 29, 2013

Lilac Love...

There are no lilacs growing in Florida. They need a hard freeze to thrive, and that almost never happens in subtropical climates like ours. We have bouganvilleas, magnolias and hibuscus bushes that are so stunning they'll take your breath away, but alas, you'll find no lilacs. 

Being raised in Wisconsin, I never saw any of these southern beauties until Handsome and I came here on vacation. But as lovely as all of our southern flowers are, none of them compare to the fleeting fragrance and soft lavender-blue or lavendar-pink color of lilacs in late spring...and I miss that scent every single year.
When I visit all my internet friends and see lilacs, I'm filled with a true longing. Sometimes, I'll see photographs of huge ironstone pitchers filled with freshly-cut stems. Other times, I might find a snap taken on a sun-dappled afternoon in the backyard. There are bushes upon bushes of cascading blooms and I can almost smell them!

Recently, my talented blog friend, Michelle Palmer decided to share watercolor versions of her own lilacs, and created a number of framed stems. I just knew that one of them would have to come and live in the studio! (Click here to visit her watercolor Etsy shop.)
It now resides in a favorite spot where I can see it every day that I'm at my machine. There's only one thing missing - that heady fragrance. Now, I'm in search of a "bottled lilac" that most closely mimics the real thing.

Do you have any leads you could share with me? If you have a favorite source for "lifelike" lilac fragrance - either a room spray or body mist or drawer liner? I'm desperate here, girlfriends! Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Chris said...

I miss lilacs too.

laurajane said...

Try (bath and body works,)wish I knew how to link....
They have room spays and other items.
Next door have two that hang over my garden wall,they are gorgeous.I often pick them(I have his permission ) to put in my conservatory .x

Marydon said...

Welllllllll, those silly lilacs aren't always cracked up to be fab!
For a few years now my 60+ lilacs haven't bloomed at all, tho last year one had ONE blossom. I so love the fragrance of that loving bush! opening the doors in the spring & having the scent filling the air.

So love Michelle's works, just beuatiful.

Hugs & love,

Createology said...

I have never grown lilacs however I certainly enjoy their beauty and aroma. Your print Michelle drew is lovely. Your space is very serene and conducive to creating. Thankful Thursday Dear...

Queenie Believe said...

I too miss lilacs. I grew up in Ohio where they are in abundance and am now in Arizona. The Crepe Murtle (sp?) tree/bush is a lovely southern alternative but alas has no lovely lilac fragrance. The watercolor is lovely, enjoy!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Nita Jo said...

You might ask April, of Folky Art Candles, though she's on vacation til June 8th 2013. One of her candles, I bought last year, had a lovely lilac scent to it. Her Etsy shop is here: and she is also on Facebook.


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