May 17, 2013

The Lizard Says We Have A Winner...

 We have a resident gecko in the huge pot that dresses up our front entry.
I planted our Christmas poinsettia in the pot this year, and I'm going to
enjoy watching it grow over the summer. Shortly after the plant was 
installed, a large gecko moved in. Seems he likes the shade and is setting 
up house for the long haul. I saw he had a girlfriend visiting yesterday!
I'm also surprised to see how much the larger lizards resemble their
 much larger (alligator) cousins - except for the teeth. Just look at him!

Well, I know you're not really here to see my resident lizard.
You're here to find out who will be the recipient of my
"Over The River" scrap assortment, aren't you?

The lucky winner is:
#3 Gloria!
She wrote:
gsm Martin said...
Hi Donna, I am a relatively (renewed)quilter and I love your blog. I pieced quilts and quilted many years ago and the last year, thanks to being inspired by your blog, I am at it full force. I read your blog daily for a long time when finally I just jumped in with both feet and started quilting again. There is such a peace found when quilting. I would love to win your scraps as I have just begun to build a little bit of a stash and they would go along way with my renewed passion. Thanks again for the wonderful inspiring blog.
Congratulations, Gloria!

Now, don't feel too bad if you didn't win this drawing. I'm going to do
more of the same over the course of this summer. I'd love my scraps to
go to people who will do something with them, rather than just keep
stacking them up in the studio. I'm going to sort through more and offer
up another assortment in June. I hope you'll come back and enter again.
Thanks to everyone who entered this time.

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Sharon said...

I love the pictures of the gecko, Donna. How does Tag like him?

What a great giveaway. You are such a thoughtful lady!

gsm Martin said...

Oh Wow, I am so excited to win this bag of "Scraps" so Donna refers to it. I would refer to it as a little bag of "Treasures" especially since I have viewed the Treasures she created from these fabrics. Thank you so very much for the Give-Away. You certainly are a generous lady. Hugs, Gloria

Createology said...

Congratulations to Gloria. Cute lizard in the potted poinsettia. We have all kinds of lizzies. Our "alligator" lizards are very scary. They rear up their heads and open their jaws wide. I run.
Saturday Joys Dear...

DeeDee said...

That Smart Lizard he made a wise choice.. congrats Gloria

Marydon said...

What a cutie ... they make the most beautiful music in the nights.

Hope all is well with you both, sweetie.
Big hugs,


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