May 30, 2013

Victorian Cross Stitch Kits - Elizabeth Bradley...

Before I ever learned to quilt, I spent many happy hours working on
cross stitch. After I opened my needlework shop, Stitches in Wisconsin
I attended more than a few needlework markets and discovered these kits.

They are cross stitch executed in wools on printed canvas, and the
technique is called "Victorian Cross Stitch". The kits are designed by
Elizabeth Bradley from the UK. (She also sells through stockists in America.)

When I attended market, Elizabeth could be found stitching at a frame in her
booth while her gregarious husband, Nick greeted shopkeepers and took orders.
It was difficult to ignore all the beautiful wool pieces they brought with them.
I couldn't resist their quality and detail, so I chose many of the kits for my shop. 
When we moved to Florida, I decided to work on my first kit, "Daisy".
It took six diligent weeks to complete, to the exclusion of all else.

Although I haven't had it framed (which is my intent), I take it out from
time to time and admire the vibrant colors on the black ground wools.
Using the black, as with quilting, really pops the colors in the flowers.
In addition to the "Daisy" kit, I also selected a few other personal favorites.

The finished designed are 16" square on 20" square canvased and come complete
with printed pattern, printed canvas, wools and needles in a box showing the full 
color design on the cover...ready to stitch! Exquisite kits from start to finish.
Of course, "Hollyhock" would have to be one of my choices!
"Sunflower Basket"
"Sunflower Basket", because it reminded me of Mom Grace, and
All the kits are perfect for taking on our travels, and this one reminds me 
of the heady, fragrant blossoms on the specimen tree in our front yard.

When pulling the link for Elizabeth's American website, I found that
there is now a "Geranium" kit, too. (sigh) I may have to add it to my 
collection. If you'd like to look at her designs, this is a link to kits like mine.
Oh, and here's the link so you can see the "Geranium" kit.
It's gorgeous, isn't it?
This is the last of my "auto pilot" posts. Thanks for being so patient with me.
I'll be back tomorrow to tell you a bit about my short hiaitus.

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh goodness...they are all SO beautiful!

Createology said...

Oh these kits are gorgeous. I did find a favorite...Hydrangea with the beautiful blue butterflies. However I feel certain I won't be obtaining this "Pastime to last a lifetime". I really like that tag line she has. Your automated posts have been wonderful however it will be extra wonderful to have you back in fine fiddle my dear...


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