January 31, 2013

Busy Bees...

Lunetta, deep in concentration.
Yesterday was the second and last session of the first hand embroidery class
I taught at Crazy Quilters in Venice, FL. Only three of my students were
able to make the session, but they'll still receive their second class from
me if they want it at a later date. My classes aren't finished until they are.

We had a great day. Once they learned their stitches and a few "tricks"
from me, we had a plenty of time for them to work on assembling their
projects. I especially enjoyed seeing how each student chose to 
personalize their own embroidery envelopes with beads or more stitches.
Stitching away...Andi in back and Debbie in front.
 There was even time for sharing stories, learning more about each other
and sharing ideas and requests for me to teach future classes at the shop.
Lunetta's kit
Lunetta is a girl after my own heart. She had to straighten up all her
pieces before she'd let me take a photograph of her work. Just like I would!
She added lots of French knots on her needle case. LOTS! She said she just
couldn't stop once she started. hee hee Then she added pearl beads on the front.
Debbie's kit
 Debbie used different floss colors on each of her interior pockets.
Her work was lovely, too and she made great progress on her kit.
Andi's kit
 Andi decided not to put beads under the hearts on the front of her kit, 
but she was fond of the lazy daisy stitch, so she used those to embellish
her hearts instead. She also had all her pieces stitched so she spent the
 class time assembling her pieces into a finished envelope. 

The last things I taught them were how to make crocheted button loops
and how to make cording. They were all really tickled to learn those things, 
which they'll be able to use in many other projects in the future. I couldn't 
help but smile when I saw the "light" go on and they'd learned something new.

They're also looking forward to a continuation of techniques when 
they move into my next class in hand embroidery, the "Over The River
and Through The Woods" quilt that we'll begin on February 28th.

All in all, yesterday was a thoroughly successful day and I must 
always remember to thank God for all the gifts and answered prayers.

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Createology said...

Looks like the ladies enjoyed class and learning from you. Their envelopes will be beautiful and I really enjoy that they did their own twists. Very nice of you to continue class for those that missed. Stitching Bliss...

Patty said...

Looks like a fun productive day.

DeeDee said...

So glad you posted these so we could kinda join n.. looks like such a very fun time. and to learn a little extra always brings me back for more.. :D

Thistle Cove Farm said...

it looks like a fabulous time was had by all. btw,come by my blog and read today's post...you'll laugh.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I published under the quilt pic. But thx again for a terrific class & getting me back to hand sewing which I hadn't done in quite awhile. See you at the end of the month for "Over the River" class. Blessings. Debbie


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