January 24, 2013

Studio Bliss...

Thanks to my dear friend, Sherry at Createology, I have a name for
my studio "after" shots..."Studio Bliss". Perfect!! Thanks, girlfriend!!
 I actually find myself with clear "walking around" space! I moved
 the pattern cabinet out of my work space and moved in a little,
 rustic armoire that I used to use for display in my needlework shop.

I had painted it, decoupaged Cheri Blum calendar image elements to 
the doors and then added a pair of custom-made acorns I had comissioned.
I won't show you my paint job up close. I wouldn't exactly call it "shabby".
The pattern cabinet occupied 32" in width and more than that in depth of floor 
space, which really cut into my room, and made it nearly impossible to get into
 my last set of closet shelves (not pictured). The armoire is 27" wide and only 14"
  deep, so I have more space in front of it, and opening my shelf doors to the left of it
 is no problem at all now! The pattern cabinet held an insane amount of stuff, so
 I had to sort through everything. Thankfully, most things are still in my room.
Inside my armoire are boxes containing teaching projects, patterns and
fabric. All of my Sulky #12 spools, instructional DVDs and fabric (I
know. I said that twice.), cording, ATCs and a little more fabric. There
is also a drawer below the shelves and all of my needlework scroll frames
and kits are in that drawer, so I can quickly locate them. Sweet!
 Shelves tidy, counters and sewing tables cleaned, and chaos tamed.
 I can find things again, and I'm ready to get back to finishing a few
things that I've started. The sun is shining and I can see clearly now.
(Are ya humming, Shell? hee hee)
 Next on my cutting mat...this fabric will become a sweet pair of pj 
bottoms today. Don't you just adore the cheerful fabric? I couldn't resist!

No, they're not for me, but after they're finished, I might just have to
run out and get enough fabric to make another pair. They're super simple
and crazy easy to make thanks to my trusty serger, Evvie. I'll show you
what they look like tomorrow. I bet you're gonna love 'em, too! 

I'm so anxious to get back to creating thanks to my blissfully tidy studio!!
Later, girlfriends...

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Elsina said...

Love love your craft/sewing room! Have a great weekend,
hugs, Elsina

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Beautiful Bliss! It's lovely and a wonderful place for the work of your hands and heart to take place, Donna.

Carol at Serendipity said...


Looks great! I am almost there with my studio as well. My space is more multi-purpose but when it is cluttered, I cannot think much less create!


Createology said...

Studio Bliss is perfection...just like you my friend. Your little armoire is adorable and looks right at home where you have placed it, filled the shelves and ready for duty. Love that cheerful fabric for pj bottoms. Sewing in your studio will be bliss Donna Dear!
"Let the Sunshine"...We are gray and drizzly dreary here. I'm humming...

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Envy. Very green!
Have a great weekend, Donna.
xo, Tina

Minimiss said...

I envy your tidy work-space. Looks very good and I love that fabric.

Michelle May said...

Allllllrighty then...I might just be a tad bit jealous of that fabric wall. Yep...jealous...green with envy...WAAAAAAAAAAAANTTT IT!!!

It looks fabulous Deece. I could be in that space for hours and create. Beautiful job.



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