January 30, 2013

For Mom...

This is actually the closest to the quilt's accurate colors.
 Apologies for the uneven color images. It was mostly overcast (and then, dark)
by the time I finished Mom's (Grace's) quilt, but it's completely finished now.

I haven't done any free-form machine "writing" before, but decided to 
attempt it on her quilt. It definitely doesn't look like my handwriting,
but it was fun to add a few important words to the quilt for her.

 I decided on the three words that mean the most to her...
Nothing has been more important to her for her entire life. 
She sacrificed all her life putting them first, and
 (God Bless her), she happily took me in as one of her own.

Just so you know...
I'm just going to call her "Mom" on my blog from now on, like I do in real life.
 I liked doing the colorful medallions in the quilt intersections, too.
I hand stitched them and then machine stitched along the inside of the
shape with a little swirl in the center. I was going to add heart-shaped
buttons in the centers but decided to free-hand quilts along the outside
edges at the intersections. I thought that would be enough without the buttons.
 Last shot of the night.
Mom's finished lap quilt.

Today is my second session for Arlyn's Embroidered Envelope.
I can't wait to see how the ladies have done on their projects, and
we'll finish them all today. I'll take lots of pictures to share with you!

Have a great day, dear friends.

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Tina Eudora said...

Beautiful quilt Donna and I am sure your "mom" will treasure it for years to come! I too am trying some textile art and free hand machine writing and it is a blast! The local Art Center is doing a quilt and textile art show in May and I am determined to participate so along the way I may need to get some sage advice from you..:)
Hope you and yours are all well!
Tina xo

Createology said...

Donna your Mom will love this quilt and she will treasure every loving stitch you put into making it for her. I like it without the buttons and with the stitched hearts I see. You are a very dear daughter for mom. Blessings...
P.S. Happy Teaching and I look forward to seeing the completed envelopes.

laurajane said...

Beautiful quilt Donna.Lovely colours,mom will love it.xx

DeeDee said...

What a true treasure you have created.. I am sure she feels the love and hugs made from within.. :D

Anonymous said...

Donna, Thank you for your instruction in the needlecase class. I really enjoyed getting back to handstitching & learning new stitches & better techniques. Looking forward to "Over the River" class at the end of this month. Have a great week.
Debbie K.


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