January 10, 2013

Cutting and Kitting...

 I'm teaching a class in hand embroidery next Thursday in Venice, Florida. 
Today, I spent part of the afternoon cutting the hand dyed wools to go into the kits.
They're beautiful, pastel shades of soft fabric that will become needlework organizers. 
The pattern is Crabapple Hill's "Arlyn's Embroidery Envelope".
 I found out yesterday that I have eight students in my class who are
all eager to learn hand embroidery. I'm really looking forward to it!
After I cut all the fabrics, I turned to another task.  I have to make my
model for the class! (I know. I haven't done that yet and still I have a
full class! Pretty cool, right?) I'll probably finish my own piece today,
and I'll show you what it looks like as soon as it's put together.

 Gotta run. My needlework awaits...

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Createology said...

Such dreamy creamy colors will make a stunning needlework organizer. With your expert embroidery skills these students will be in very good hands. I would be in your class if I lived closer. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Usharanee Murugesu said...

Good Luck in your teaching your students next week! Such lovely colours...wish I lived near you too...I would love to learn hand embroidery....I can only dream about it for I live thousands of miles away from you...in warm Malaysia.

Happy weekend ....crafting/or preparing for your class.


DeeDee said...

I want to take this class... :D

happy teaching and cannot wait to see yours done...

Happy Stitchin..


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