January 3, 2013


 I finally got back into the studio, and I managed to create a few more
gifts that are long overdue for mailing. I created a needle book, more
bookmarks and a strawberry rose, filled with organic wool.
This needle book has a teacup twill trim for a special person who loves them.
I also finished the last needle book for our Saturday Coffee Group.
Our friend, Flo received a beautiful applique' tool organizer from Brenda
as a special gift. I knew right away what I would do for Christmas for the group.
I noticed that there was a pocket in the organizer that would be the perfect
size to hold one of my needle books, but I needed to ask Brenda for a
piece of the matching fabric for Flo. She was generous enough to share some
with me, and now Flo's needle book is finished. It's embellished with
the same twill tape I used on the rest of the gifts for our group, and I used
a vintage blue satin ribbon to tie it up. I hope it will fit in the pocket
and safely hold all Flo's needles and pins with the rest of her tools.

It felt great to be back in the studio making surprises. 
I definitely think I have my 'mojo" back and I'm ready to get busy!
I can't wait to show you more....Soon!


  1. Lovely,you always choose sush lovely fabrics.
    Laura xx

  2. Dee, gorgeous work as always!!! Love your strawberry.....lovely xox

  3. Such lovely gifts, Donna! I have had trouble spending much time in the studio since hubby has been off his feet. We creative girls need our studio time! Have a great day! Twyla

  4. I am swooning over your lovely gifts you have created. The fabrics and stitching on the rose needlebook and strawberry are exquisite. How thoughtful of you to sew a matching needlebook for your friend Flo. Happy to see you back in the studio and creating elegant items. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  5. These needle books are wonderful!!! And, I'm in love with the wool strawberry :o)
    I too long to get into the studio as it has been before Christmas since last I was sewing. A house full of holiday family revelers, the last of which headed home yesterday. It's amazing how quiet the house is now -lol-
    Enjoy your studio time!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Your kindness is so thoughtful...to match some of the fabric will delight her for years.

  7. I would love to have a "Strawberry" and matching needle book! Any chance you might be offering some in your Etsy shop?

  8. these are one of my most favorite things that you make... the strawberries are so adorable..

    Big hugs..

  9. They look beautiful Donna, lovely gifts.

  10. Superb gifts...gorgeous fabrics...the recipients of the gifts are truly very lucky. What a great way to start the year...with handmade gifts.



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