January 2, 2013

He's A Genius...

 No, really. That's what Apple calls their associates. 
My genius was Ben.
He's British, personable as all get-out, and best of all...
He's a genius around anything Apple!

He's worked for Apple for four years, and Handsome and I
spent all afternoon with him yesterday while he fixed my laptop.

I found out that my MacBook Pro is considered "vintage" at a mere six years
 old. Ben told me that in two years it will be "obsolete" and I'll no longer be
 able to get parts for it. I assured him that it would be "retired" long before then.

The best part was that "vintage" Macs are serviced at no charge.
So, after two days of changing critical passwords, subscribing to LifeLock,
changing my phone number and finally visiting the Genius Bar at Apple,
my laptop has been declared malware-free and our privacy has been restored.

I can finally welcome in the New Year and turn my focus to the studio.
I promise that tomorrow I'll write a creative post...and isn't it about time?
Thanks, Ben!

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The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Donna...I'm so sorry for all your troubles but I've got to say, Ben is PRECIOUS!!! Of course, he looks like he could be one of my kids but how wonderful that he fixed what needed fixing. Don't worry Donna, anything that ANY of us own will be obsolete in two years! xxoo, Dawn

Createology said...

And yet Ben the genius is soooo young! Vintage at 6 years old!!!
Isn't it sad that others have nothing better to do than create such havoc for so many. Our world is totally missing INTEGRITY. Glad to have this behind you dear...

The French Bear said...

Yeah......but I am so happy everything is okay! On the other hand that means my Mac is extinct!!!

Patty said...



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