January 16, 2013

They Take My Breath Away...

 Sometimes, it's not necessary to use a lot of words.
This would be one such occasion.
 Our guild meeting was last night, and I was presented with more 
finished blocks to add to our American Treasures Album Quilt.
 I think I'll just let you look, but be careful...You just might faint.
They're so beautiful - and seeing them together creates a grand synergy
that, frankly leaves me nearly speechless. So look at all of them together,
and then continue scrolling to see each individual block. Ten so far, with
#11 (Minnesota) within days of completion.
New York
 I hope you enjoy the view.
I'm so honored to be among these incredibly talented women.
I'm teaching today, but I'll be back again tomorrow.

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Kris said...

These blocks are truly spectacular!! Thank you so much for sharing, Donna!!

Jillayne said...

Yup - drooling. What wonderful blocks these are - the quilt is going to be stunning!

Lee said...

WOW ! they are impressive

Mandy said...

Very impressive work. Could I ask what size each block is? There is so much work involved in each of the blocks. Some very talented ladies indeed.

Carol at Serendipity said...

Just gorgeous. That is all I can say.


Pellie / Penny said...

Each block is as gorgeous as the next. Truly talented ladies with needle and thread.


Createology said...

Breathtakingly lovely blocks from your very talented and dedicated quilt guild ladies. I am in awe of the time and labor that went into each of these masterpiece blocks. Blissful teaching today dear...

Simply Stated said...

Each are absolutely stunning ~ I am always in awe of what can be done with needle, thread, and amazing talent.

carol fun said...

WOW! simply WOW!

linny said...

These blocks are stunning. I've always wanted to do a Baltimore style quilt, but don't think I could do anywhere near as good as these.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

WOW! Gorgeous~ I can't imagine how beautiful it will be at completion.
xo, T.

Cyn said...

All the blocks are truly amazing. Just mind-blowing in their beauty! Is this an "opportunity" quilt by your Guild?? If so, please let me know when the tickets go on sale... I'll be good for a handful!

Michelle May said...

Yep, can't breathe. Truly incredible!

Minimiss said...

I am breathless and speechless too. Such detail. Spectacular!

Patty said...

Absolutely beautiful!

DeeDee said...

All this beauty makes me speechless.. Beautiful works of art

Anonymous said...

There are so many words running through my mind....Awesome...Superb....Fabulous....Excellent...Divine stitching!!!! Such great talented women....All the stitchers deserve a giant pat on the back!!1 Bravo for creating such beauties.


Anonymous said...



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