January 22, 2013

Michelle's Little Birds...

 Look what arrived in my mailbox over the weekend!
A whole flock of sweet, little cardinals are nesting in my studio.

Thanks to the artistic talents of my friend, Michelle Palmer, I have
all kinds of ideas skipping around in the creative side of my brain.

The framed piece is teeny, tiny, postage-stamp small. I love it!
 This time of year, many cardinals have actually migrated to south Florida.
I imagine the ice-box temperatures up north are as difficult for them as it
would be for those of us who have grown accustomed to warmer weather.

Each morning, we awaken to their songs and I enjoy watching them hop
from branch to branch among the palmettos and pines...flashes of red to
bring a smile to my face. Now, I'll be able to create a few beautiful things
to remind me of our colorful, feathered friends. I'm imagining all sorts 
of new projects to showcase Michelle's beautiful artwork.

You can find more of Michelle's creations in her Etsy shop.
You'll love it all!

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Createology said...

So you're the one who bought this uber cute tiny framed beauty. It was gone in a flash...like the little cardinals who flit from tree to tree. It will be fun to see your completed projects using these little artworks from Michelle. Creative Bliss Dear...

Minimiss said...

What beautiful artwork.

Michelle May said...

Her art always brings a big smile to my face. These are simply adorable!


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