January 17, 2013

Taking A Day Off...

Martta Wendelin
I'm going to take the day off to catch up on my emails and play.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments you left for me the last
few days. The class was so much fun and my students are all so
enthusiastic. We stayed right on schedule all day and, if they do
their homework between now and the 31st, we'll finish all of their
embroidered envelopes so that can take them home - ready to use - 
after the next session. I can't wait to see how their embroideries turn out.

I will answer one question from the comments I received
about the American Treasures Album Quilt:
Mandy said:
"Very impressive work. Could I ask what size each block is?..."

Thanks for asking, Mandy. Each of those blocks will finish to be 15" square.
I haven't decided yet whether or not they'll be sashed, and we're still 
thinking about how the borders are going to look. It's a very exciting process.
She's the designer of most of the blocks. (I designed "Wisconsin" in her style.)
She didn't use sashing between the blocks and it's quite impressive that way.
We won't applique' the borders as she did, but we may use all our
fabrics from the blocks to do a patchwork border. Still deciding on that.

So, I'll be catching up with all of you who left comments for me in the 
past week, and doing a little "homekeeping", too. I'll be back tomorrow
to show you what I'll be working on next. Have a great day!

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Mandy said...

Thanks for giving the size of those blocks. It really gives an idea of the scale of the whole quilt once that is put together. I look forward to seeing what you plan to do with the borders.

Createology said...

You have earned a well deserved day of play and puttering my friend. May your minutes pass slowly today...


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