January 11, 2013

A Girl Needs A Goal...

"Love Letters"
Many bloggers choose a word to guide them through each year.
I haven't done that before, but I've decided I'll give it a shot.
will be my word for 2013.

I'll be FOCUSing on 
reducing clutter,
counting my blessings,
getting fit,
purging bad to make room for good,
finishing what I start.

 I want to share a few of my quilting goals for the next year.
I hope that sharing will make me accountable, and keep me FOCUSed.
Princeton Plates for Handsome
First on my list is to complete Handsome's Princeton Plates quilt.
I'm aiming for a February finish on this one.

I have two models I have to finish for teaching projects in January
 that I'll be working on at the same time...and our guild quilt. FOCUS!
Here's the pattern!
It seems appropriate that I'll start the Love Letters quilt in February. I'm
 not aiming to finish it in February, but I hope to make some real progress
 and then I'll aim for a March finish for this one. All the fabric is waiting!
Ahhh, yes. The Farmer's Wife (I really love them!)
You might think that I'm not loving the Farmer's Wife project, but
I really am. I'm going to finish designing the paper foundations for
the FW quilt blocks to share with the other participants, and I'll
concentrate on finishing this quilt by summer. Then, I'll celebrate!
Our Coffee Group Project
 Our Coffee Group has decided to do the 2012 Country Cottages BOM from
Shabby Fabrics. We love all the little seasonal houses and we're already
choosing our fabrics and deciding on our colorways. This is just for fun!

In July, I'm going to start FOCUSing on Christmas Gifts.
I'm not going to finish the year trying to meet holiday deadlines. 
This year, I shall play over the holidays, but I need to finish all my gifts first.

So, there you have it.
It's my way of making a few resolutions for the new year.
Hope you enjoy following me on my journey in the coming months.
Do you have anything you're aiming for in 2013?
I'd love to know.
(and if you leave a comment, I hope you'll share your email so I can respond.
I regret that I can't reply to "No Comment" bloggers. )

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nancy huggins said...

I have ONE GOAL for 2013 and that is to move and everything I need to do to achieve that goal. I am like the little engine that could :)
I know you can do it to Donna.I have all the Faith in the world that you can and will :)

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your focus goals are lovely and all your projects are beautiful!

Mandy said...

Thanks for sharing your goals. My own is simple - to devote more time to my sewing.

Karen Gass said...

I think FOCUS must be the theme for the year - I've picked it and I know several other people who too! Focus ans saying "No!" to extra projects. I've been trying to get to sewing for ME for months - can't cause of all the things I promised to do for other people!! Don't get me wrong, I love to do for others, but I'd like to do a little for me too :)

sunny said...

You have some great projects lined up. I'd really like to finish my Farmer's Wife this year. I got off to a great start many months ago, and haven't touched it since. My word for the year is Kindness, which I think this world needs more of. Be kind to yourself!

Createology said...

I am one who selects a word for my year and Focus was the best yet as I still apply it to my daily doings. Your projects are each wonderful and I know you will Focus and Finish each one. This year I have selected two words...Magic and Calm. As life gets so busy around me I must remain Calm and therefore I will enjoy the Magic of life's moments. I am looking forward to getting back to my FW blocks and finishing my wall hanging. Wonderful Weekend Donna Dear...

Jillayne said...

Great word Donna! It's certainly I can imagine one chanting it to one's self all year long whenever temptations come along - "eye on the prize" and all that.
My "goal" for the year is to deal with my quilt tops - I have several, most of which aren't even full sized quilts, that I would like to get done so I can actually start using them - and to make room in my room!
Good Luck - I'm rooting for you!

Nancy said...

My goal is to finish my Farmer's Wives quilt this year. I believe I started it in 2009 as a BOM club at my favorite quilt shop, Quilt'n Friends. It was an 18 month club, but I got a late start due to laziness and never finished it. I have less than 20 to go and hope to begin again this week. I just finished the General's Wives, and it is off to the quilter this week.

Anonymous said...

"FOCUS" is agreat word...it is applicable in all aspects of our live...be it crafting, work, home, family, friends and other interest too.

I tend to use the word 'focus' on my children almost all the time for this is the word that I was groomed to memorise from the time I could talk and walk..my late parents would use that word on all of use in almost every sentence!

My children have come to realize that if they paid 101% attention on anything, their efforts would be rewarded with only success and nothing less. They have been performing really well in school due to their continuous efforts - focussing in the important things in life.

I intend on learning a new craft in 2013...maybe tatting or knitting.


Terri Sue said...

My word this year is CALM. I even found a Keep Calm And Carry On plaque at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I guess that would be my phrase. They only had one or I might have been tempted to buy one for the sewing room, kitchen, living room, etc............

Anonymous said...

I've finally returned to normal after my daughter's wedding this past Saturday. I haven't been keeping up on anything except that big day. Love your ideas of one word. Glad to see that the FW quilt is coming along. It's quite the goal. Just sayin. But I really like the new quilt you've chosen too. I found a quilt that I really like and may just purchase the pattern and dig through my multitude of fabric to start a new one.

Happy new year Donna.
Mary Fioretti


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