January 1, 2013

I Don't Know What I Was Thinking...

"King of Richmond Park" - Daily Mail UK.com
 Well, I have to say that this year started off with a real...bang.
I don't know what I was thinking. Really.

I was grazing around on Facebook on New Year's Eve,  when a blog friend
  "posted" that she'd just won two FREE airline tickets on SW Airlines, and the
 link appeared. (I already know what you're all thinking. Don't say it, please.)

The only reason I even considered it is because Handsome and I are
planning another trip north in the near future and FREE sounded good.

I clicked on the link. Shared my name and cell number and then typed in
the "code" that arrived within seconds on my cell phone. Next thing I know,
the app does a little post of its own...to ALL my FB friends, saying that
I just got two free tickets! (Forget that it started to smell funny before I
completed the process and I closed the app sans tickets.) As soon as I saw
that, I went into the app files on FB and removed the offender...too late.
Oh, yeah! "King of Richmond Park" - Daily Mail UK.com
 Before I could warn all my friends, I got a pop-up that said my "session
had timed out" and I needed to sign back in to Facebook. You guessed it.
"You've been locked out of your account because your browser has been
infected by malware." Then, it directed me to go through a process to 
unlock my account, which I followed to. the. letter. AARROOOOOOOO!
It. didn't. work.
(Take a moment to insert all your favorite naughty words here. I did!)

And, to top it off...other things are acting funny on my MacBook Pro now.
It's a good thing I have my iMac desktop to write this or you'd all be sending
out the bloodhounds to find out what happened to me overnight!

I just know that my blog friend is going through the same thing I am right now.
(Wish I could send her a hug, because I know just how pissed peeved 
vexed frustrated hot homicidal cheesed she must be now, too!)
I'll be making a telephone call to the Apple store in Naples this morning.
I need to go find a "genius" to help me untangle the mess I've managed to
get my New Year's self into...and perhaps he or she can give me the little
reminder kick in the pants to never open an ad link...on FB or anywhere else.

There really is no such thing as FREE.
I'm sure that "genius" isn't going to come free, and neither will the "fix".
Happy New Year To Me.

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Kris said...

Ohhhhhh, Donna!! what a bummer!! Well, keep your chin up - remember we all go through trials and it is HOW WE HANDLE THEM that really matters!! You are doing good - just breathe!!!

laurajane said...

Oh Donna ,bad ,very bad.hope it all gets sorted soon.
Laura xx

Andi's English Attic said...

It can happen to anyone. What joy do folk get from producing these things? They must have really empty lives. Hope you get it all sorted soon (and cheaper than you expected). xx

The French Bear said...

Sorry to hear this Dee, I managed to alert some of my friends that it's a scam........they play dirty! You think they would have something better to do, like stitching.
Hope you get it staightened out!!!

Createology said...

Oh My Dear! I am sorry this has happened to you. We all get tempted. I hope your Apple store can help you and clean up your unfortunate "click". Delete...delete...delete...even if we miss Ed McMahon and the million dollars.
Peace and Joy Dear...

Indigo Blue said...

I had a similar problem a year or to back and a virus attached itself to a friends email address so I innocently opened it, it messed up my laptop (Polite words used here) the weekend before a big school inspection by Ofsted. Contacted my friend about it but spent hours and hours sorting it out. Luckily I was able to borrow a computer to do the inspection paperwork! A dreadful experience, a nasty taste is left in your mouth (english expression) and the feeling of despair that my inspection would fail as a result. Since then I hae bought a second netbook for school work!!
I intend not to be caught out again.
Still, a Happy New year anyway.

Michelle May said...

Oh man!! That totally stinks! I got an email notification from you about it, but then one followed from somebody else saying hoax. Hope you get it all fixed. Don't feel bad, we've all done the same darn thing.

Minimiss said...

Oh, dang!! Don'tcha just hate those dirty malware writers? Hope it isn't too costly.

Patty said...

I almost clicked on that same offer but a little voice told me no. Earlier this year my email got highjacked but it was a pretty easy fix. Hope you get it worked out soon and it doesn't hit the pocketbook too hard.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

That's not even remotely funny; SHAME on the person who came up with that nasty trick! I haven't been on FB in a lot of months and now don't care if I'm ever on it again.

DeeDee said...

Yikes! hope they can get it fixed up for ya....


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