January 7, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Just Hangin' Out...

 Hi, Everybody!
Time for another visit. I've been out to get the mail, but if
 you'll go on ahead of me, I'll meet you in the house in a second.
 There! Mail is delivered and I'm ready for my weekly post. After 
all the excitement over the holidays, it's been pretty quiet around here. 
Mom has been busy in the studio, except for that one day last week.
 She decided that I didn't smell too good. Me? I don't think so! Sometimes she
does this thing to me that she calls a "butt freshening". Not last week, though.
 She decided I needed a full-fledged BATH!
Water, shampoo, me in a bathtub and soakin' wet.
Oh, the indignity of it all!
(It's a bloody good thing that I don't curse!)
 As you can see, I lived to talk about it, but it's one of those things I prefer 
not to do very often. I've been sheddin' like crazy ever since, and now Mom's 
complainin' that there are "fur bunnies" blowin' all over the house! I much 
prefer her brushin' me over bathin' me any day! I hope she's happy. Really. 
I live to make her happy.

Well, I think I've shared enough for this post. I'll be back next Tuesday to
tell you what's new and excitin' in this corgi's life. 'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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nancy huggins said...

Such a cutie and Love his stories :)

laurajane said...

Hi Tag,Lilly said you have her sympathy. She knows just how you feel,has to go to the beauty parlour every six weeks.Hates having her hair cut.
Keep wagging.
Laura xx

Tina Eudora said...

Tag you are gorgeous no matter what and I have missed you so much little buddy! I am very happy to see that while I was busy mopping up the mess life makes over the last few months you have done well and thrived!
Stay clean and happy sweet guy!
Tina xo

Createology said...

Hi Tag...you really are all boy with the bath not being your favorite. Maybe you need bath toys? You do like swimming in the pool so maybe a bath is like that but with bubbles. Smelling Fresh and Clean is a very good thing. Enjoy your hangin out...

Queenie Believe said...

Dearest Tag,
The sacrifices one makes for the humans can be great but is much appreciated. I just made fur-do appointments for my fur babes. I'm totally sure they agree with you whole heartedly on the grooming issue.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

DeeDee said...

Howdy Tag

I must say one thing I love about my boys.. they love me even when I am stinky.. but However I cannot say the same for me with them... have you seen what they roll in.. YIKES! I have to agree with mom on this one.. and at least it isn't a daily task...

you lookin so good Mister.. hehehe!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I'm with Mom on the butt freshening, Tag! Thank you for your patience, little man!

Minimiss said...

Sometimes a bit of butt freshening just ain't enough Tag and wee dogs, no matter how cute, do need a bath. I'll bet you smelled lovely afterwards. Just don't go looking for anything dead or very smelly to roll in or you might be bathing again before you know it.


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