January 25, 2013

I Remain Affectionately Yours...

 While cleaning my studio, I realized that I have assembled a
"tin container collection". I didn't even know I was collecting them!
You know how it happens. One here. Another there. Before you know it,
you find that you've established a little flock of something you treasure.
How many of something actually constitutes a collection?
Three? More? How many more?

This tin is one of my favorites...Mary Engelbreit's artwork with an
adorable little girl writing a note to a friend. Don't you just love it?
I frequently use this one to store floss bobbins for embroideries-in-progress.
I'll share more of my newly-recognized collection in future posts.
I wouldn't want to overload you all at once, after all.
 Handsome is back home, so all is right in my world again.
I hope you have something great planned for your weekend.
I'll see you later, but know that, always,
"I remain affectionately yours."

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Createology said...

I adore Mary E. and really miss her magazine. Your tin is adorable. I completely understand about the tins that get saved...for future projects? that never get used. I just ran across three in a drawer and yes, 3 is a collection! What do your floss bobbins look like? Happy collecting...

RobinfromCA said...

I love little tins and they are such a great way to store the other "collections" we discover along the way. I found myself really wanting to see inside your tin so I could take a peak at your floss bobbins!

Sharon said...

Oh this is so sweet as is everything Mary E does. I should be cleaning out but one must be in the mood , don't you think. Maybe tomorrow....LOL

Sherri said...

Mary E is one of my favorite illustrators! That little tin is just so cute!

Usha Murugesu said...

I too love collecting tins to store my buttons/beads and other stuff too. Sometimes, I just love looking at them..it gives me joy looking at some of my collections...

Happy Sunday!


jenann said...

I love your tin. Like you, I never thought of my tins as an actual collection. After all, they are just containers - right? But I still kept some that were special to me - the one that I had from Father Christmas with toffees in it and has a cat on the lid and tiny mice round the edge, the one with a cartoon style puzzled boxer dog on the lid that I stored my glass marble collection in, the one that has such a dark picture that it isn't really attractive, but Granny kept her cake decorations in it, the Marks and Spencer one that my first class of 6 year-olds bought me for Christmas - and so on. It wasn't so much a deliberate collection as a collection that crept up on me! Can't imagine anybody collecting the modern, plastic containers in the same way, but who knows?

Michelle May said...

I love ME's things. Have a framed print in my studio number 500 of 500. I adore it.
She rocks!


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