January 8, 2013

A Gift of Love...

 Over the weekend, I received a private message through my Etsy shop.
After a few short correspondences, I was commissioned to create a very special
 piece. I have asked for and received permission to share this story with you.
 This beautiful woman is Sharon. She is in the last days of her life, after a
valiant fight against cancer. She has a dear friend named Debby, who is the
person who contacted me through my shop about the commission.

Debby told me about Sharon and wanted me to create an item similar to one 
 she had seen in my shop. You see, Sharon has been planning her own 
funeral and Debby has been helping her to make all the arrangements.

Debby asked that I create a Dear Heart pillow using blue flowers instead of pink,
and wondered if I might be able to embroider "Our Beloved Auntie Sharon" on it.

It also needed to be smaller because Sharon is a mere 120 pounds and losing weight
because of her illness. You might wonder what Sharon's weight has to do with anything.

Well, they have planned to put the pillow on an easel - next to the above photograph
  of Sharon - at her funeral. The easel will then be placed next to her closed casket.
 After the funeral, the pillow I have created just for her will be
placed on her chest when she is laid to rest.
Debby told me that Sharon would be contacting Hospice yesterday, so I
 decided that I would put everything else aside to work solely on this project.
I want to get it in the mail and on its way to them as soon as possible.
Nothing would be nicer than for Sharon to be able to see and hold it herself.

I was struck by the enormous significance of this piece. It's a gift of love 
from a person who knows that she's about to lose a dear friend. It's steeped
in symbolism, in lieu of flowers, to be shared with friends and then to be
ultimately placed over the heart of their loved one, gone too soon.

I said prayers - from making the silk roses, through to the completion of the pillow.
I asked that God guide my hands to create something truly beautiful for them. 
 I asked Him to give these beautiful people strength as they face the days ahead.
I asked that God comfort them as Sharon leaves this earthly realm.

Debby has already seen my finished pillow and written the most beautiful note to me.
I'm going to save it along with a photo of their finished Dear Heart to remember that
they entrusted me to create something memorable for their celebration of Sharon's life.
I am moved and grateful to have been asked to take even a small part in that celebration.

I'd like to publicly thank Debby and Sharon for putting their faith in me.
I believe that God puts people in our path for a reason. 
Yet again I am humbled, and I will never forget.

"For God hath given His angels charge
over thee to keep thee in all thy ways."
                                       - Psalm 91:11

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Bev said...

They could not have chosen anyone better to do this. How very precious that you prayed over your work - for them and for your efforts - as you made this beautiful pillow. Your post reminded me of this:

Colossians 3:23
And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord...

Createology said...

Donna this is beautiful yet heart-wrenching. Your hands have created a lovely and loving tribute. Blessings...

Jane said...

What a beautiful post - the lovely pillow so beautifully made with your loving hands and prayers. Thank you for sharing this!

Jeri Landers said...

This is so very touching. She entrusted you to create this beautiful and meaningful piece and you created such a perfect work. I was once asked for permission to adapt one of my paintings ,( which was a "Peaceable Kingdom"),to an engraving on a headstone for a couple's young child. It was so sad, but it meant a lot to those parents.

Marydon said...

This truly brings tears to my eyes, Donna ... you are just the most beautiful lady ever ...

TYSM for doing this beautiful creation for her. God has made a special blessing just for you.

Hugs & love

Bette's Bags said...


Queenie Believe said...

What an awesome opportunity and responsibility, you did a lovely job! I'm definitely having a Kleenex moment with this post. My thoughts and prayers ascend for this dear auntie, her family and friends.
Always, Queenie

Minimiss said...

Beautiful Donna.

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Donna, What a beautiful post about a beautiful lady. Such an honor you had and you created a beautiful heart, they could not have asked a better person. Thank you for sharing this. God Bless you. Hugs, Terri

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Donna, this brought me to tears. Sad tears but happy tears as well...knowing that you are loved so dearly at the end of your days would be such a comfort. I can't imagine anyone else could have put as much love into the creation of this sweet pillow as you did.
You are all beautiful, lovely women who connected in your hearts.
Thanks so much for sharing your story.
I also have an Auntie Sharon, who I adore. Hugs to Sharon, Debbie and their family. And a big one to you, too. Tag? Can I count on you to deliver it for me? Go love on your Mom for me, little man.
xo, Tina

Michelle Palmer said...

Beautiful and love shared brings such joy!

Karen said...

What a touching post and what a truly beautiful remembrance pillow. Praying as you stitch is so powerful!

Karen said...

What a touching post and what a truly beautiful remembrance pillow. Praying as you stitch is so powerful!

Michelle May said...

Oh my...this is just beautiful Deece. Truly beautiful.

Sue said...

Oh so sad, thank you for sharing and you did a lovely job with your pillow.

Sue said...

Oh so sad, thank you for sharing and you did a lovely job with your pillow.


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