January 4, 2013

A Sweet Royal Post...

 If you're British (have British roots, or are related to someone who does), perhaps
you've heard of a candy treat called Dolly Mixture. The easiest way for me to describe
this assortment to you is to say that it's comprised of candies that taste like a
combination of marshmallow and circus peanuts, but a little harder. Then, lightly
sprinkled in the mixture are too few, elusive, tasty little gum drops...which I adore.
Don't let this fool you. The gumdrop to "other" ratio isn't even 10:1! grrr
My Aunty Margaret (Uncle Dick's wife) was getting ready for a recent trip to 
England to celebrate her mum's 100th Birthday, and asked me if I'd like her to 
bring back anything for me. I told her that I love Jelly Babies and the gumdrops
 that come in Dolly Mixture assortments. She immediately knew what I meant
  because she loves the marshmallow-y bits and gives the gumdrops
 (which she doesn't like) to Uncle Dick, who loves them as much as I do.

I asked her not to spend too much of her precious trip in search of packages
containing only gumdrops like those, but she is tenacious and before she came
home from England, she popped a package in the mail to me. When it arrived,
I couldn't wait to open it!
 As soon as I saw the Royal Mail postmark, and Aunty's handwriting, I knew...
 I opened the package to find multiple packages of the familiar Jelly Babies,
and a new confection! Jelly Tots! While they aren't shaped the same, the
taste is close enough to satisfy this girl's British sweet tooth. (I am choosy, too!)
 I decided to make a little vignette for you to help show a whole bowlful of
Jelly Tots. I didn't check the packages yet, but I'm sure the Queen would approve.

Thank you, Aunty! 
You found them for me and I truly appreciate it. 
She and I spoke after they arrived, and we discussed that some time in the future,
she, her daughter and I might just make that trip together. I can pay her back then.

(Just in case you'd like to try a package of your own,
here's a link to them from my favorite Stateside supplier.)

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The English Romantic said...

I love Dolly Mixtures and Jelly Babies too, if the need is great please let me know and I'll pop some in the post!!
Smiles, Angela.

jenann said...

I am a secret Jelly Baby and Dolly Mixture nibbler. The only way I've found to buy the gum drops that taste the same as those in Dolly Mixture is to buy them loose - by the quarter (or is that 120 grammes, these days). Some old-fashioned sweet shops sell them as dew-drops and, when I see them, I buy them by, well, a little more than a quarter of a pound! Funny how fruit jelly sweets and fruit pastilles don't have the same texture.
Sadly, Dolly Mixture have changed too. There used to be a little shiny candy mixed in the pack that also had a very distinctive texture and taste. These have been replaced with a somewhat dull tasting fondant. Oh, for my 50s/60s childhood days...even my old bear Growler misses his share of the dolly mixture - he always got the banana flavoured 'sandwich' as I didn't like them.....
Now you've got me starting on a trip down sweety memory lane.. do you remember aniseed balls that actually had a seed in the middle? What about the Frys Cream fondant bar that had a different fruit flavour in each section? Spangles? Edinburough Rock? Ewans toffee? Paynes Poppets? Penny Arrows? What a shame all the confectionery companies were bought out and the variety disappeared.
Jenni x

laurajane said...

My grandchildren love jelly tots.When I buy them they tell me ...love you lots like jelly tots....
Jenann has taken me down memory lane,one of my childhood faves was Spangles,I still buy Edinburgh Rock whenever I see it,I prefer it to the hard stuff .
Laura xx
Ps I will never be slender!!!

Shirley said...

Hi Donna, I am catching up with my friends today. I really like all of the cute little things you made in your previous post. I think your needle books are so cute. I enjoyed my tag post also. I like a similar candy to yours. We all have our favorites. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Createology said...

This is just the type of special efforts family and friends go to that make special memories for us to enjoy...besides the candy. Not only sweet but very thoughtful of your Aunty. Blessings dear...

Sherri said...

Donna, that candy looks so yummy!


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