February 1, 2013

Why, Yes I Am...

 ...at least I am "Her Royal Highness" in our house!
I found a new seller on Etsy that I just love.
The name of the shop is madametreacle and Janie Jones is the shopkeeper.
She lives in London and I adore her twill tapes. I just had to order some of them!
Geraniums and bumblebees
 They come on beautiful cards in 1 meter increments.
My mind is a-buzz with ideas for these tapes.
Roses and more roses.
 "Roses are red, my love..." (Feel free to hum along with Bobby Vinton and me.)
Badgers and holly sprigs.
 Of course, this British/Wisconsin girl would have to have English twill tapes
featuring badgers! "If you wanna be a badger, then come along with me."
(I know. More music...University of WI fight song. I can't help myself!)
My entire order.
These are all the tapes I ordered from Janie. (I actually got two cards of
the badger tape. I especially liked that one!) I have no idea how I'll use
that design, but I know I'll come up with something fun! Any ideas to share?
Yesterday I received a gorgeous floral arrangement from my Aunty Margaret 
and Uncle Dick. We shared in a celebration yesterday and they sent these
flowers to thank me for my help. It was a wonderful surprise, with a beautiful
card that meant so much to me. You know how much I love to share joyful or
creative things with you, so I had to show you this happy and fragrant gift.
Thank you, Aunty Marg and Uncle Dick! I love the flowers!
 (I know my aunt reads my blog.)

I'm off to the quilt shop for morning coffee, but I'll be coming home to work
on play with another project. I managed to finish so many tasks and projects
last week that I can't wait to see what the coming week holds. 
I can't believe it's February already! Perhaps a Valentine project should be next?

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barb said...

Love those tapes...going there now.Thanks for sharing. Have to love a blogger that shares.

Createology said...

Your new twill tapes are gorgeous and thank you for sharing her link. Darn our postage rates for almost doubling for International shipments. Lovely flowers and celebrating with family is always good. Lovely day dear...


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